Tallinn – Helsinki

Had a busy weekend. On Friday I traveled to Tallinn to one of my friends birthday party. I ended up drinking rum&coke which had like 3/4 of rum and I went home quite early actually cause I wanted to sleep before going to Finland. It is not so easy anymore not to sleep and then have and adventure all day. The climate isn’t helping me anymore. I am not getting energy from the sun. 
So we went to the Helsinki with my sister. Overall we walked over 15km(9.32 mi). This time we wanted to discover the other side of Helsinki. So first we went to Kaisanieme Botanic Garden. It was quite beautiful place and really green and full of tropical plants. 

And the outside garden is really big too. But it was under construction so it is gonna be huge. 
After that we headed to the lake Töölönlahti and walked around that. We were quite tired at this time so it felt like miles walking but actually it was only a bit over a mile. After that we went to look something to eat and decided to eat tacos in some steak house or something. They were a bit too spicy for me but they were really good. After that we just walked around and waited for the ship to get home because we were really tired after the long day.

The next day I got together with one of my girlfriends who I haven’t seen properly like a year. We finally got a chance to talk for hours. And tried the new burrito place in Solaris Center called Cerrito Burrito. I was surprised that it felt a bit like one I got in California. So I’m gonna eat there every time I’m there!!
And yesterday my new flatmate moved in. Actually he already brought his stuff the day before but was too lazy to unpack. But the cat, Mr. Puss, is really cute. I like it. 

Positive thoughts will keep you going

I might be weird Estonian but today walking home through the rain – I just loved it!! I don’t know why but I was just smiling, feeling the rain and thinking. Maybe it came from the sky with the rain because just before that in the lecture I was down a little bit and couldn’t just sit there anymore. But the rain.. It feels amazing! (I’m not high!) 
The last week I had so many ups and downs and right now I feel I am finally getting the everyday life again. Focusing on my studies, even more than last year because of my plans, I am ready to go on some adventures which I am doing on Saturday, going to Helsinki, Finland, and hopefully get job, so I could slow down my partying. 
One of the reasons why I go out so much is that I can’t stand being alone in my apartment. I need to socialize and have fun. This summer changed so much. If I am stuck at home then I am going crazy, feeling depressed and thinking about SD which makes me miss my second home even more. Fortunately my new flatmate will move in at the end of the week, so I will always have company at home (I mean the cat!).
But some everyday update too! On Friday we went to the big apartment party (100+ people). Of course the police came and sent everyone away, but the party moved to Rüütli Street like always. It was quite fun and we (me, my bestie and one guy) ended up at my place drinking Riga Palsam and talking til 5am. I went to sleep when they left but they talked til 9am outside somewhere. 
And the next day I thought that I will have it all on studying but one guy asked me out to go the concert, I couldn’t say no. Before that we managed to go some private birthday party in the cellar band-room. Those guys there were quite freaky and really stoned. Quite funny to look at them though. The concert was super awesome. It was one Estonian hip-hop artist called Chalice and I was surprised that I recognized most of the songs. I listened to this kind of music like 6 years ago I think.
And the next few days I got to speak with Chris more, even Skype with him which is a great accomplishment! Getting the positive energy form that far away is quite amazing! And I am really happy for him getting some big things done! 
And it was my sister’s birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, sista!! And the second thing – believe or not but I have been in Estonia exactly one month! Doesn’t feel like it.
But the next few weeks will gonna be hell for me I think because I am having some bigger things on the weekends and  at the same time only more school stuff is coming. So I have to figure something out! But I will make it! Like my headline is saying: Positive thoughts will keep me going!! 🙂


It’s been a quite long pause already. My Estonian life isn’t so interesting as Californian. Most of my days I have to attend school and this week has been hell because I had/have so many homework dues. Finally can concentrate a bit more in the lectures but this is still a bit hard. 
Because all of the hard stuff and some negative energy I got here I am officially homesick. And by home I mean San Diego, my house, roomy and my friends. Never happened in San Diego!! But it will get better I hope. And I have some future plans that I will tell when I am more sure of them. These plans keep me going forward right now. Plus my two best friends here.
But in the meantime I have gone out some nights. Drinking here and there. Got a chance to earn some extra money that I need right now for my future plans. But working with mean and negative people is really hard. 
And my faculty had a big party for the new students. It was quite fun because before the party they had assignments all over the downtown Tartu. I was in one point where they had to collect money from strangers on the street without saying a word. The results were quite impressing!! The party was a costume party and the theme was who you wanted to be as a kid. My idea was brilliant and I went there as a groupie/slutty rock-star. 

Beside all the drinking I have been doing here I also have been walking a lot!! Can’t just sit all day. But it gets so cold outside. At night I am wearing a hat and coat and gloves and all the other stuff cause I’m freezing!! Same time my girlfriend wears only a jacket and no gloves and stuff. 
And we have now Reese’s in Estonia and the Oreo cookies too. I will be okay now here. And the other picture is taken in restaurant Pierre and this is a chocolate-cheesecake with ice-cream. This is the best!!