Collection of Christmas trees

32101016575_4472940915_k-5If some of you remember then last year I was traveling a lot in December so I got to see a lot of different Christmas trees around the world. I can say that this year hasn’t been so much different. I have traveled a bit less but I’ve seen a lot of different trees.

I’ll start with my favorite. It’s actually from my home town – Rakvere. Few years back they started having innovative Christmas trees. First year it was built from wooden planks, last year from glass boxes and this year from metal and with gears running around. Although locals have been making so much drama about the trees then I think it is wonderful to have such trees in my little home town.

32062020956_7486882b2c_o-4I traveled in the end of November so I got to see some Christmas spirit in Zagreb, Croatia and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The tree in the main square of Zagreb is huge! They just started the big Christmas Market when I was there. As it was raining then I don’t have good pictures of it and it was also late so the best huts were already closed or at closing process. Also I really like the small tree in their airport! I just had to take a picture!

32062013676_ecfb2a2fb0_o-3    31952635802_2ffb488754_o-2

The Christmas celebration in Amsterdam started in early December so I didn’t get to see the amazing tree there. But instead of that at least they had some really nice lights already out and I just loved them!


Another tree is obviously my city – Tartu! It is always amazing! I just love it!


31725715160_b936a9a51c_o-1And for the end will be my humble tree that we have at my parent’s place. It is nothing special, it’s plastic and actually already 18 years old. So it is just so dear to us and it is the only Christmas feeling I know I can count on every year. As my Christmas spirit was choked by working in a public place which means having to be in the Christmas decorations every day plus in the end listen to Christmas music for 2 weeks straight. And to top it all up then there was no snow this year for Christmas so only decorating our Christmas tree was the little spirit I had for the whole holidays.

Can’t wait to see what tree I can collect the next holidays!

Where is home?

Already years I have had many different places that I call home – parents place, ex-boyfriend’s apartment, my apartment in Tartu, house in San Diego, dormitory rooms 310-312 and now I have to call my Granada flat home.

I like traveling too much to have a constant place to call home. I am not calling the place I grew up home because I don’t spend a lot time there anymore and it doesn’t feel like my home to me anymore. I don’t own a place in Tartu anymore because I moved to Granada. And I won’t be here forever so soon I need to find a new home.

DSC_5083 (2)What makes a place home for me? Place where I feel safe, I feel I belong there, I can feel comfortable anytime and definitely where my bed feels too comfortable to get out of it. The most makes the people who I am living with. I wasn’t feeling like home for a while in my Tartu apartment but when one of my friends moved in it felt home again. Even though it was a mess because all those things couldn’t fit in this tiny apartment and we had to pack everything up soon again. But it was home. 

So it doesn’t matter where I end up or where my final home will be. If there are people who love me and I love and big comfy bed with a lots of pillows – I am home!