Fuengirola BioParc

The very last trip in Spain was to Fuengirola. As my brother suggested the zoo there and we just love zoos then we had to go there before I left. So however hangover we weren’t we promised ourselves to go there. Furngirola Bioparc itself is zoo with more natural environment from the tropical forests.

After spending most of the time in the zoo we still had a lot of time over so we just went to the beach were we found people going for a swim and just sunbathing. It was windy so for us it was definitely too cold to even take our coats off. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We still had quite a lot of time over before our ride back home so we just walked to the harbor and watched the sunset.

It was a perfect last trip and although our ride back was quite scary and I was falling asleep then the zoo was definitely worth the visit! Whenever you travel there, definitely go and visit it!



So one of my last trips here was to Almería. It is on the east side of Granada. I went there with my German friend. Almería is basically empty of tourists in winter and in the summer it is main province for the beaches.

So the first thing to do in Almería is to go to the beach! Although the beach in the city is rocky but at least you can enjoy the sound of water and swim. As it is February and we didn’t have swimming suit with us, we just sat there and listened to the waves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlmería is a really small city and doesn’t have many tourist things to see. So one thing to see is Mirador de San Cristobal. Quite a lot of stairs to get up there and every place is full of trash and pieces of glass. I would say that it is better to visit the whole are by car as also better beaches are a bit out of city. But from the mirador you can see the city, the castle, the mountains and the sea.

Next step was to see Alcazaba – the Moorish castle. It is free of charge and right now they had reconstruction. The views from there were also amazing! And there were few cats. One of them was friendly enough to not run away, or it was just too sleepy to care. But if I would compare Alcazaba to Alhambra then it was like a shadow of it. But it is the second largest fortress in Andalucia.


So the last thing to see is the cathedral. It was randomly closed when we got there but it looked quite big from outside. If you have more time then also check out the old train station. It is sad that they don’t use it anymore.

In overall, I would say that as mostly people go there by cars and just for the beaches then it is quite understandable why the city doesn’t pay so much attention on trash. If you’re not the beach person then those few places are definitely worth a visit! And if you go by car then also go check out Taberna, where a lot of films have been made. We didn’t get a chance to go there but bear in mind that you can go and check it out!