I love traveling so I am trying to go see different places while I’m here. Last Sunday I went to Jaén. It is a quite small city a little bit north from Granada. An hour bus drive and I was there.
There was also a fair going on, but it was on the cityside so I didn’t have enough time to go there. But on the streets were were full of markets. Only thing they missed was good Estonian smoked ham or fresh salt pickles. Also a lot more, but that was the things I was craving for.
So I went to see this Cathedral. I got free inside because it was the last minutes it was even open and they were letting people in free for a moment.
So I decided that I wanna see the castle. It was up the hill and Google maps said it will take 40 minutes. For me it took more because I wad hiding from the rain and enjoying the views. Obviously no-one hikes up there, because I was the only one going on this road. On the halfway I found some other hikers who came from the other side of the mountain. So at some point we joined our forces and got up there.
By the time we got up there it was already closed for 20 minutes. But going a bit around the castle there was this breathtaking viewing point. So the hike and a little bit of sprinkling was totally worth it.
We all went back together to the city center and I left them because I hadn’t idea what I was planning to do next. So I was just admiring the cathedral and looking for places to go eat. The restaurant was nice, I had a chance to glance all those pretty national dresses people were wearing. The chicken role was really filling, even though it didn’t look so much. And waitress was spending time on her mobile while serving the clients.