Carlsbad, NM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we had more time this time and it was warm and nice then we decided to make some road trips. Our first road trip was to Carlsbad, New Mexico. It takes 2 hours to get there from El Paso. On the way we had a stop to eat some snack and enjoy mountains.

Our main purpose was to visit Carlsbad Caverns. It is going 230 m deep (754 feet) and is huge to explore around. It has different “rooms” to go around and it is amazing!  It is a bit dark to make good photos without a professional camera but I have few to at least give some kind of idea how wonderful it is like there.


As we were recommended to go down my elevator and walk back because of too much people, then our way back was really intense. We walked up over 30 minutes. I don’t even remember exactly. Close to the end we could see bats sleeping in the dark and where there was some light then there were a lot of sparrows or some other birds flying around. Seriously, a lot!

As we were tired and hungry then we went also to the town to seek for some food. As we didn’t know anything of this place then we just drove around and found place called Beto’s Tacos. Really good burrito what I got! Right before we started driving home we went by the park area and enjoyed some sun. On the other side of the river there were a lot of people  on the beach and next to it was a water park. Seemed like a typical Saturday.


I got to drive back which was my first time driving in USA. The highways are super boring and there are a lot of truck drivers who are just falling asleep. Other than that it was nice to drive. As the road is mostly just straight then when driving with 70(110km/h) feels like driving with 55 (85km/h). And as you seen I’ve got used to American freedom system 😉