Bs be tripping

I still don’t have internet at home. If everything goes well then hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been traveling and exploring a bit.
It is higher part of the city where you can see the most of the city and also you get an amazing view to Alhambra. 
We went there for a day. Started off really early in the morning but also the bus is like 2 hours. I was responsible for the cultural part of the trip. So we went to see the cathedral, Alcazaba, viewing point on the hill and after beach we also went to Museum of Picasso. It was really hot and being there felt like total summer break.
Los Cahorros (Monachil) and Guejar Sierra
It was organized trip to the mountains that we have right here. First place has a hiking track. It went by the river and sometimes we had to crawl under the rocks to get past them. I really liked the little adventure.
After the hike it got annoying because we went back the same way, so we were blocking everybodys way on the trail. We were just tired and wanted home but we also had to go to some lake. The lake itself looked beatuiful, blue-blue water. But everything around it was black and full of mud. So on the way there our shows got wet, covered in mud and after that also dust on it. There wasn’t any usual place for sitting and enjoying the lakeside. And we actually couldn’t even go swimming.
We came away when it started raining and then had to wait another hour to get away because the busdriver was away somewhere.
I just hope to go to the mountains again one day and explore around most of the day. 

Hola Granada! Hola España!

So I have spent here a week. I don’t have internet at home yet so I’ve used a bit internet on my phone and then using internet from the little square downstairs.
I have to be honest, this is the biggest challenge I ever took for myself and my week has been mix of emotions. I love the city, it is super beautiful and everything looks amazing. Just walking around the city feels like vacation. I live in the center and it is 10 minutes to my faculty but I will take classes from different ones.
I live with 2 British girls and 1 Spanish girl. Everyone got their own room and and our apartment is super nice. Little balconies basically in every room and we have almost everything we need.
I have been too lazy here so I haven’t seen most of the city yet. But I have been out in the evening. People here go to clubs like 2-3 am and get home like 7 am. Parties are crazy here. I am not the club person but the main club is huge and has 3-4 dance floors. And every time I get there it is confusing. It changes all the time.
Finally I did a bit exploring to some parts of the city. Not much but at least a beginning.
Also classes will start tomorrow and I am not ready for that at all. They will all be in Spanish and this is.. well, quite bad. But hopefully I will manage as I always do.

To Spain!

So now I finally have got to the present day. What does it mean? I means that I have been in Estonia exactly for a year and moving away in 2 days to Spain, Granada for a year. I am doing my Erasmus there. 

All those last days I’ve been stressing about my paperwork and packing and doing all the last things I can think of. And also finishing undone things (I mean my blog mostly). I am just super exited about going there at the same time. 
New adventures, new environment, new language (I do not speaks Spanish yet, but all classes are in Spanish!), new people and warmer climate! Goodbye fall in Estonia and welcome end of summer in Spain!
So from now one I have this bigger responsibility to keep my blog active. So just stay tuned for my new adventure 😉

Half a year

Okay, I am super sorry that I waited so long to update my blog but I was living one of my best times of my life and got super busy. 
I was planning to do little summary about every month I have missed here but I decided to just summarize everything since March and then do little posts about bigger stuff. I hope you are fine with it. 
So first of all, there has been too many events to even summarize. First I would also highlight some ESN events:  Karaoke (was one of my fears), Estonian National Evening(being a host first time, another fear), Pool Party, White T-shirt Party, Sea Battle, Jam Session, Bachelors Auction, Bike Trip, Estonian Wedding, Farewell Party. I basically went to every event possible. 

The most important thing about this semester was having friends who were like family. I even end up living in the dormitory for a while with them. All those parties, random drinking nights, breakfasts and everything else we got to do together until all the farewell parties until my own one a week ago. 

Also there was some other cool events I went to in the last semester: SpringCo with AIESEC, Hawaii Party, Spring Party, Öölaulupidu, Möku’s closing, Sauna party, trip to Tallinn and Helsinki, mott for ESN, spa trip to Võru with my sister + all the most horrible parties at the club which we always went to. 
The summer was a bit more relax and more about just enjoying free time. In the beginning I was a bit busy with my AIESEC project and also being sick. Also I had big Midsummer’s Eve party at my parent’s place. We also managed to enjoy some cool festivals like Seto Folk, Õllesummer, Hanseatic Day, Viru Folk(I was actually working there) and Ööjooks(cheering for my sister).

I moved three times (to dorm, back to apartment, to parent’s place) and now the 4th time is on the way. End of July we traveled to Vienna and Bratislava(It will have post itself). And now the end of August I have been driving back and forth back to Tartu for tutor responsibilities, ESN PubCrawl and my own farewell party. 
So that’s the short summary about my past 6 moths. Check the next posts to get more details about some events 😉




We went with few boys, stayed at my sister’s place. They kind of said what they wanted to see and then I kind of led the way. Had a lot of fun and even managed to see places I hadn’t seen before. The coolest time was in Suomenlinna. We explored everything I think, all those adventures.. 

So we went with Stephen, first night we stayed at the Helsinki airport. I finally got to sit next to the window in a plane and I fell in love with the clouds. There is just something magical about them. We walked around a lot and I think we visited all the places that our friend told us to visit. Prices are pretty high and our was budget quite tight. At least we tried Wiener Schnitzel and got super lucky to get it as a daily special. The city itself is beautiful and breathtaking. 


After two days of walking we headed to Bratislava by bus. We got the best tour guide – Martin. He took us around the city. I have to admit that if he hadn’t lived there then I probably wouldn’t have thought about visiting it. But I am glad I did and the city is actually amazing! I really liked the castle, the park with a belltower fallen into it and fell in love with the bookstore there. We also walked to the country border and visited Austria for few minutes again. 
His family was extra nice and his granddad is the coolest. He told all kind of stories and he let us chill in his basement where he had all kind of cool thing – knifes, bullets, grenades etc. 

ESN Events

One of the best decisions I made the last semester was joining Erasmus Student Network Tartu. Finding people who understand me and give a opportunity to do things I always wanted to try. And also face my fears.  Here are some events I enjoyed a lot or I had some part in organizing:
Sea Battle
It is cruise Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn with bunch of international people together. Going there are people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and on the way back joins us Sweden, Norway and Denmark. So 6 countries on the same boat. Together it is 3 days and probably the most sleepless times. They had activities for us in the boat which were sometimes hard to participate because of the noise and too big crowd. Dance area was too small so many people so most of us were just hanging around our cabins and having our party. 
In Stockholm with few hour sleep we went to the old town. Just walked around and even happened to see changing of the guards. Ate in a lovely little restaurant and saw the cutest and smallest puppy ever. The evening continued with the bigger party but same way. Next day we slept in, had 20 minutes to get ready and slept the whole way back to Tartu.


Bike Trip
It is mainly my organized trip. So the idea was to have a little bike ride somewhere near to some sauna house and ride back next day. We finally managed to find really good place but the only bad thing was the distance. 55 km for one day for not bikers was a bit too much. In general it was super fun even though the butt was hurting the next day and we took a train back from the halfway. We had some grill, drinks, sauna and no reception area.


Estonian Wedding
3-day trip to Saaremaa where our Tartu Erasmus couple got “married” in Estonian style. I have been there only once before so it was really interesting. We went all kind of places and went through all the stages of getting married, starting from asking the father for permission, hens/bachelors night, wedding day, throwing the name away, reception and the day after. We all had some roles, I was the university friend for the bride. But I got accepted to the family the last day as some assumed that I already got married to the groom’s brother. The weekend was just perfect getaway, even though the first night it was super cold and someone tried to kill everybody in the smoke sauna. 


Farewell Party
So this is totally my organized event. When I accepted the challenge I had no idea how difficult it would be but I did it and I am really proud of myself. It was perfect place to have all my international friends around me and have a good proper big party before they started leaving. We had some incredible performances, including even my best friend playing guitar and singing. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Also we gave out Erasmus Awards for the most memorable people and I managed to get The Loveliest ESN Member. I got a lot of positive feedback, so all the sleepless night and stress paid out.