Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex in Granada. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spain. So visiting it was only question of time. Now it is done.

It is amazingly beautiful and huge. I never imagined it was so big. And one day I will come back here to visit it in Spring/Summer time when everything in the gardens are blooming. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it will be. So here are some pictures in Alhambra:

Winter/Christmas is coming

I’m not an usual Christmas waiting person. I wait more for the Christmas food or just for having a vacation doing nothing at home. So walking in stores in November full of Christmas stuff makes me usually sick. This year I have more to look forward to. So I am really exited! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So the other day when I was walking around the town I bought some new stuff for the cold winter nights and for the Christmas spirit.

This blue and white striped jumper is the best thing I have. It is so comfy, warm and I could wear it all the time. I got it from C&A. Also I bought bear slipper from a random Chinese store for the cold floor we have in the apartment.

The most exiting and my first ever is Christmas calendar. Only trick for me is that I already started and I am counting the days down. It is showing me in how many days I will be in America.

And I can’t resist tangerines! It is most Christmas spirit you will get out of me until actual Christmas! Their smell is just like Christmas.


Sunsets of Granada

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone to see the sunset 4 times. 3 of them near Ermita de San Miguel el Alto and for the last one I went for a hike to Llano de la Perdiz. You probably already know that sunset is one of my most favourite things.

1) So the first place is really easy to reach. From the city center it takes around 30 minutes to get through the Albayzin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is all up to the hill but the moment you see the view you forget how out of breath you felt before. You can enjoy the view with random people on the old building’s terrace or stay a bit more down, sit on a grass and enjoy your own company (alone, with friends or with your other half).

If you’re not in the hurry then enjoy the view also after the sunset to see the sky getting darker in every minute and city turning on the lights. It is especially good view to Alhambra.

2) Llano de la Perdiz – mostly visited by bikers and easily accessed by car. I have none of them so I decided to hike up there. And probably I was the only one. Although on the way back I saw a big group who looked like OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhikers.

So the hike up there took me about an hour and a half. Could have gone faster but I enjoyed the views and in the end I was looking for a good place for the sunset. I found a place near suggested place that showed on a map on the place. I climbed a bit down the hill and had privacy to enjoy my own company and sunset. And I have to say that from this point the sun looked huge!


Only thing is that I forgot how fast it gets dark after sunset. So most of the way back I was walking in darkness. I could see a bit but it was a little scary.

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Some exciting news!

I have some really exiting news. And I will explain it a little bit also because otherwise you won’t understand why I have chosen to do things like that.

  1. I am spending my Christmas and New Years in AMERICA (El Paso, TX) visiting my best friend. I am so exited to see him after 4 and a half months. Also I will be back in my loved country. Murica!
  2. I will be back in TARTU from FEBRUARY! In the beginning I was supposed to be in Granada for a year. But I changed by contract to be here only for a semester. Why? It is not my place. And no, it is not because of the language only. I am already over the language, I don’t even care anymore. In the beginning it was hard and I gave myself this whole 2 months to settle in. And it hasn’t happened. Don’t judge me wrong. I love Spain! It is so beautiful and IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA can’t get enough of traveling around. But I don’t like living here. For this one semester it is fun but spending another semester would be a quite waste of time for me. And it is always easy to get a cheap flight to Spain, so I will be back in no time! And then I should also have a chance to do another Erasmus if I want.
  3. I’ve decided to work on my blog more. To make it better and share my adventures and to inspire more people to take the chances. So I would really appreciate if you could send me some FEEDBACK through the contact from in up in the menu or write to me personally. Tell me what more you would want to see in my blog, what could I do better and whatever else you have in you mind. Thank you a lot!

Alcalá la Real & Montefrío

So this week I went on a trip with Erasmus Friends. First organized trip in Spain! And if I say organized I mean we know what we are doing, where we should be by what time and we actually get some history about the places. Same time it waOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs super chill. We had time to relax but at the same time we saw everything we needed to see.

So both of those cities are really small. One of them is located in the province of Jaén and other one in the province of Granada. Bus ride was fast and our first stop was Forteleza La Mota in Alcalá la Real. Most of it had been destroyed during different times and wars. So only few building were still up. We got a little history video in the destroyed church. All the old walls and building foundations were there to see how the fortress looked like. The views were great and you could see the whole city from there.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a nice history visit we went to get our lunch. We went to this really nice place called El Lagar de Los Vinos. It is an old winery turned into a bar and had machines all over the place. Also had big barrels which are storing the annual harvest. So we had some really good quality wine, cheese, 4-different hams, olives, chips and potatoes with mayo. I really recommend going there if you ever should visit this little city.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So feeling all siesta after a good meal we visited a local museum and took off to Montefrío. This city is even smaller. With 10 minutes we were on top of the hill to see the church/castle Iglesia de la Villa and had a really nice view to the whole city.

Our last stop was Mirador de Montefrío where we could watch all the colors of sunset on the city while listening to some guitar music by one of the organizers.

It is crazy how big temperature difference there is between the day and night. In the daytime I could walk with only my t-shirt but at night I needed a hoodie and a leather jacket to keep myself warm. Really unusual in November for me. I could go sunbathing in November here.



Make a change


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

– Robert Frost

I somehow have always been a person who like things or does things that most of people don’t. I could call myself hipster but I really don’t like this term and this term is just more for a show-off. Me being different is one of the reasons why sometimes I find it hard to make friends.

But making a change in your life is worth it. Whenever you feel like something is missing (I want something more from my life; Have I done everything I can?) then stop thinking about it! Do it! It is never too late. Some people don’t find they life purpose until their 30s. It is totally okay until you’re happy with it.

I have to admit that me going to America was running away from the current life I had back then. I felt trapped and this opportunity came at the right time. I went to San Diego because most people went to Hawaii, and didn’t like it in a second when I heard it. So it gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of locals and start loving that country. Which now I want to be my future. After spending few months in Spain I now where my home for many years will be. It is because that I felt home there in a day. And it hasn’t happen here in Spain with two months.

So making this little change in my life over a year ago has made a huge difference to my future. We need to take the opportunities and not over-analyse it until the chance is over. Even if we fail, it is worth it. We learn so much more!

Strolls around Granada

All the cities of Spain are just breathtakingly beautiful -white houses, old structures, small street and views from some higher point. Granada is full of beauty and everywhere you can find something to look at. So at some days I just try to go to places I haven’t been yet to discover more of its beauty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo on Monday I dragged girls to the Granada cemetery with me. Because of the Día de todos los Santos locals go there to put flowers on the graves and it has a lot of sculptures. It is full of history.

On the way back we went up from random stairs and it turned out to be some kind of garden of olive trees. Really random place for just a really good view to the mountains and the nature.

And one other day I went to discover what is going on up on the hill where I’ve always seen people. I wasn’t even thinking when I started going but it was the time for sunset. So by the time I got up there it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen. And I love sunsets!


Where is home?

Already years I have had many different places that I call home – parents place, ex-boyfriend’s apartment, my apartment in Tartu, house in San Diego, dormitory rooms 310-312 and now I have to call my Granada flat home.

I like traveling too much to have a constant place to call home. I am not calling the place I grew up home because I don’t spend a lot time there anymore and it doesn’t feel like my home to me anymore. I don’t own a place in Tartu anymore because I moved to Granada. And I won’t be here forever so soon I need to find a new home.

DSC_5083 (2)What makes a place home for me? Place where I feel safe, I feel I belong there, I can feel comfortable anytime and definitely where my bed feels too comfortable to get out of it. The most makes the people who I am living with. I wasn’t feeling like home for a while in my Tartu apartment but when one of my friends moved in it felt home again. Even though it was a mess because all those things couldn’t fit in this tiny apartment and we had to pack everything up soon again. But it was home. 

So it doesn’t matter where I end up or where my final home will be. If there are people who love me and I love and big comfy bed with a lots of pillows – I am home!

Things I’ve Learned

We learn new things almost every day. Here are some things that have given my life a push to some new direction or just showed me who I really am.IMGP6535-2

I’ve learned:

  • that love comes unexpected;
  • that not all things last;
  • that challenges are there to beat them;
  • to not give up on things that matter;
  • to be patient;
  • that there is so much beauty in the World;
  • that sometimes being lazy is OK;
  • that sometimes I am really stereotypical Estonian;
  • that things change;
  • and sometimes it is good to have a change.


As you might can see then most of my posts are about me traveling around. It is because they are the most exiting time of my week and I just love traveling. I don’t do much else interesting in my week. Quite usual everyday life.

Okay, so.. Córdoba. It is city that thought it would be bigger. It is not an usual beauty city as I am used to see. There are some specific gorgeous sites but in general it is not so wonderful. What makes the city amazing is those specific sites that are worth to visit!



So after over 2 hours of impossible sleep on a bus we parted from the organization and went to explore on our own. No way we are gonna stick to 3 buses of people. 8 hours of free time. We started off from Puento Romano to the cathedral. After discovering that visit to cathedral is 8 euros we decided to see other places first and maybe come back.

So we were wondering around Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. With it’s mighty castle and beautiful garden it amazed me. And made me wonder how beautiful it could be in spring time?!






The long walk 10150036_10205523580712802_1294307675_n (2)made all of us hungry and we got to Plaza de la Corredera for lunch. I decided to try out the Cordoba’s traditional dish – salmorejo. It is purée of tomato and bread and as a garnish I had Spanish serrano ham on it. I am not a soup lover but it was actually quite good. Interesting taste and really filling. 12200666_10205523580792804_584807430_n

We made a big tour around the city but couldn’t find so many interesting thing to so we had a lot of time still to go. So after buying some souvenirs we still went to Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba. Totally worth the 8 euros!! It was just breathtaking. It took an hour to see everything and I am not sure if I still saw everything. It had so many sections and altars and all those details and paintings and the big hall of arches. It is even hard to describe how it looks like. It is definitely a must-visit if you have a chance!




The climate was really nice. I haven’t walked a while with just a t-shirt and there it was possible on the last day of October. So late October vacation is a good option in Andalucia.