One day trip to Ronda with organization Best Life Experience. Ronda is a smaller city with 35,000 people and would be quite expensive to go alone. So this time I decided to go with an organization. Mostly from them was transport, little breakfast and maps. And I hate exploring with big groups.
So we started together with the group on Puente Nuevo, and moved on really slow. And after visiting The Palace of the Moorish King and the Water Mine (Palacio del Rey Moro y la Mina) we(me and 2 Germans) took off to explore everything. By the way, the mine was really cool. It was around 175 steps to go down, but in the end you reach a little terrace kind of thing outside on top the river. And the view is breathtaking.
We head back to see some souvenir shops and found a really really long main shopping street. It was already around siesta time so most of the places were closing doors. We had lunch almost end of the street in a quite low-quality restaurant but at least I got my stomach filled.
Continued our exploring to Jardines de Cuenca where I would spend a lot of time if I would live in this city. From there on we just went on the road to see what else was marked on the map we got before. Thanks to that we found the way down the hill to the really good views to the waterfall. A little bit hiking down and later back also. But totally worth it!
We ended our trip slowly moving back through the city side with more breathtaking views and a really lovely park which showed that fall is coming finally.
If you ever get around Málaga then you definitely have to visit Ronda! You would never regret going there.


Things I miss from Estonia

I have to be honest, I am not so much missing Estonia (same as when I was in America) but there are just some certain things that over I time wish I could go buy from a store or go somewhere.

Kohuke. What a surprise, right? In English you can call it glazed curd bar. Doesn’t sound so good at all. Right now I would have one with cherry jam or my favourite – with jam and cookie.

Fast food – Chuck fries, Metro sandwich, Fasters chicken-feta wrap. Things I like having at night before heading home. Also there is no fast food places open at night. Only some Chinese shops or something.

Kalev chocolate. The best in the world for me. Milk chocolate with nuts… Mmmm…

My blanket. Here I have a small one person blanket. I miss my big one so I could wrap myself in and be a burrito.

Sales. Here are sales only on specific times or really just few things. In Estonia I used to shop sale items all the time. Whatever the season or time it was there’s always a sale section.

E-Estonia and productivity. You never understand how lucky we are with all this development of IT in Estonia until you actually have lived somewhere else. Things are slow here, To get internet we waited over 3 weeks. 


I love traveling so I am trying to go see different places while I’m here. Last Sunday I went to Jaén. It is a quite small city a little bit north from Granada. An hour bus drive and I was there.
There was also a fair going on, but it was on the cityside so I didn’t have enough time to go there. But on the streets were were full of markets. Only thing they missed was good Estonian smoked ham or fresh salt pickles. Also a lot more, but that was the things I was craving for.
So I went to see this Cathedral. I got free inside because it was the last minutes it was even open and they were letting people in free for a moment.
So I decided that I wanna see the castle. It was up the hill and Google maps said it will take 40 minutes. For me it took more because I wad hiding from the rain and enjoying the views. Obviously no-one hikes up there, because I was the only one going on this road. On the halfway I found some other hikers who came from the other side of the mountain. So at some point we joined our forces and got up there.
By the time we got up there it was already closed for 20 minutes. But going a bit around the castle there was this breathtaking viewing point. So the hike and a little bit of sprinkling was totally worth it.
We all went back together to the city center and I left them because I hadn’t idea what I was planning to do next. So I was just admiring the cathedral and looking for places to go eat. The restaurant was nice, I had a chance to glance all those pretty national dresses people were wearing. The chicken role was really filling, even though it didn’t look so much. And waitress was spending time on her mobile while serving the clients.

Sunday explorer

Internet! FINALLY! I feel like in a civilization again. Haha, just kidding. But it is good to have it at home.
My Spanish class is really cool. Our group is 7 people. And it is really good to finally try to talk with people who are also scared to talk or are not the best ones in it. I finally feel that I am learning something. And the view is from on top of the house where I have my Spanish class.
Also I had a really cool experience in the practice class. We were doing some stuff in Excel that here is in Spanish obviously. And for me it is just super easy. So I was trying to help girls next to me, in Spanish without knowing any expressions in Spanish I needed to use. And then I had to get help with my really bad Spanish because I couldn’t log in to some place to take a test. And I somehow managed it! Really proud of myself.
We are having a long weekend here because it is Fiesta Nacional de España here. So no school today. The last two day we have been exploring. First day we went to Albayzin again and later I went a bit north of the city to find one really huge Chinese shop to but some useful stuff for my room. Need to go back there though. 

And on Sunday we went to find gipsy caves which we never found. Need to google them more a bit. But we had quite a healthy walk. On the way back we visited Monastery which was closing in 15 minutes so they didn’t let anybody in anymore. But all the views are just breathtaking. Makes me want to explore around more.

On the halfway

From the lowest point you can only go higher…

Week has been really slow and lazy. I finally got enrolled to my classes and discovered how slow and stupidly slow everything is. I’ve been here 3 weeks and we still don’t have Internet. I’m losing hope about it already.

I decided to take less classes so I could focus on them more. It means that I can’t fail any subjects. For your information: ALL CLASSES are in Spanish! People always ask it, so now it is out and clear. And no, I don’t speak Spanish yet. My classes for Spanish start next week. so hopefully I will get better soon. I start from A2+ which is a surprise for me. I thought I was A1 level, but I already picked up enough Spanish to get higher level. 
My flatmates are really lovely. One of them really likes cooking and baking, so quite often I don’t have to care about getting food myself. I like them even though I sometimes feel like quite Estonian and just want to have my privacy and have my own lazy time alone.
And I also decorated my room with pictures so I would feel a bit more home and have more motivation to keep on going.

I will end my meaningless post here and will write better stuff next time 😉