Bs be tripping

I still don’t have internet at home. If everything goes well then hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been traveling and exploring a bit.
It is higher part of the city where you can see the most of the city and also you get an amazing view to Alhambra. 
We went there for a day. Started off really early in the morning but also the bus is like 2 hours. I was responsible for the cultural part of the trip. So we went to see the cathedral, Alcazaba, viewing point on the hill and after beach we also went to Museum of Picasso. It was really hot and being there felt like total summer break.
Los Cahorros (Monachil) and Guejar Sierra
It was organized trip to the mountains that we have right here. First place has a hiking track. It went by the river and sometimes we had to crawl under the rocks to get past them. I really liked the little adventure.
After the hike it got annoying because we went back the same way, so we were blocking everybodys way on the trail. We were just tired and wanted home but we also had to go to some lake. The lake itself looked beatuiful, blue-blue water. But everything around it was black and full of mud. So on the way there our shows got wet, covered in mud and after that also dust on it. There wasn’t any usual place for sitting and enjoying the lakeside. And we actually couldn’t even go swimming.
We came away when it started raining and then had to wait another hour to get away because the busdriver was away somewhere.
I just hope to go to the mountains again one day and explore around most of the day.