Tallinn – Helsinki

Had a busy weekend. On Friday I traveled to Tallinn to one of my friends birthday party. I ended up drinking rum&coke which had like 3/4 of rum and I went home quite early actually cause I wanted to sleep before going to Finland. It is not so easy anymore not to sleep and then have and adventure all day. The climate isn’t helping me anymore. I am not getting energy from the sun. 
So we went to the Helsinki with my sister. Overall we walked over 15km(9.32 mi). This time we wanted to discover the other side of Helsinki. So first we went to Kaisanieme Botanic Garden. It was quite beautiful place and really green and full of tropical plants. 

And the outside garden is really big too. But it was under construction so it is gonna be huge. 
After that we headed to the lake Töölönlahti and walked around that. We were quite tired at this time so it felt like miles walking but actually it was only a bit over a mile. After that we went to look something to eat and decided to eat tacos in some steak house or something. They were a bit too spicy for me but they were really good. After that we just walked around and waited for the ship to get home because we were really tired after the long day.

The next day I got together with one of my girlfriends who I haven’t seen properly like a year. We finally got a chance to talk for hours. And tried the new burrito place in Solaris Center called Cerrito Burrito. I was surprised that it felt a bit like one I got in California. So I’m gonna eat there every time I’m there!!
And yesterday my new flatmate moved in. Actually he already brought his stuff the day before but was too lazy to unpack. But the cat, Mr. Puss, is really cute. I like it. 

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