Winter/Christmas is coming

I’m not an usual Christmas waiting person. I wait more for the Christmas food or just for having a vacation doing nothing at home. So walking in stores in November full of Christmas stuff makes me usually sick. This year I have more to look forward to. So I am really exited! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So the other day when I was walking around the town I bought some new stuff for the cold winter nights and for the Christmas spirit.

This blue and white striped jumper is the best thing I have. It is so comfy, warm and I could wear it all the time. I got it from C&A. Also I bought bear slipper from a random Chinese store for the cold floor we have in the apartment.

The most exiting and my first ever is Christmas calendar. Only trick for me is that I already started and I am counting the days down. It is showing me in how many days I will be in America.

And I can’t resist tangerines! It is most Christmas spirit you will get out of me until actual Christmas! Their smell is just like Christmas.