Some exciting news!

I have some really exiting news. And I will explain it a little bit also because otherwise you won’t understand why I have chosen to do things like that.

  1. I am spending my Christmas and New Years in AMERICA (El Paso, TX) visiting my best friend. I am so exited to see him after 4 and a half months. Also I will be back in my loved country. Murica!
  2. I will be back in TARTU from FEBRUARY! In the beginning I was supposed to be in Granada for a year. But I changed by contract to be here only for a semester. Why? It is not my place. And no, it is not because of the language only. I am already over the language, I don’t even care anymore. In the beginning it was hard and I gave myself this whole 2 months to settle in. And it hasn’t happened. Don’t judge me wrong. I love Spain! It is so beautiful and IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA can’t get enough of traveling around. But I don’t like living here. For this one semester it is fun but spending another semester would be a quite waste of time for me. And it is always easy to get a cheap flight to Spain, so I will be back in no time! And then I should also have a chance to do another Erasmus if I want.
  3. I’ve decided to work on my blog more. To make it better and share my adventures and to inspire more people to take the chances. So I would really appreciate if you could send me some FEEDBACK through the contact from in up in the menu or write to me personally. Tell me what more you would want to see in my blog, what could I do better and whatever else you have in you mind. Thank you a lot!