A week in Estonia

My first week has been quite busy and slow at the same time. Have so much stuff to do and people to see and at the same time it feels like time should go faster. Maybe because I miss California. 
I know drinking is bad but I have to admit that almost every day I have drunk some. 
And now when I have been home the last day then I feel the lazy mode is coming. I should think something out. Can’t sit at home like this anymore. 
But yeah, I’ve been busy. School 6 hours a day at least and then going out with Stina basically. And we made some cool glowing in the dark jello shots. 
On Thursday we had a welcome back party in Gunpowder Cellar but we ended up going on Rüütli street which is like the main drinking street in Tartu. People are just standing there and drinking and talking to each other. Quite good place to meet new people. We actually ended up there the next day too. 
But yeah, it is finally getting to me that no more San Diego any more. Right I would totally go to beach and hang out with my friends. It gave me a lot of new energy when we called Sean and the next morning I got to skype with Chris.
And now I’m freezing here. At night it is quite cold outside and usually in the mornings I’m just freezing and don’t want to come out of bed because it is cold. I’ll get used to it soon, I hope. 
And I’m getting a new roommate. Actually two because he has a cat too. Always wanted a pet, but I am too lazy to take care or too busy. Now I get a pet who I don’t have to take care of 😉

Welcome to Estonia

Most of my last full day in California I spent with Chris. We went to Seaport Village. We found one really cool store there where we spent like almost two hours. I think it is my favourite shop now. After a long walk we went to my place to see Doctor Who and drink some beer. I think I’m gonna miss him the most. All the laughing and doing goofy noises.
After he went home Sean picked me and Stina up. He got few hours for us to show some really beautiful places before we go home. We went to Coronado to see the San Diego city view from there. We got some food from In-n-Out Burger and ate that back of the Hilton hotel. Then went to Paradise Point to see little sharks there. After that he took us to Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial to see the view from there. After that to La Jolla cove and then we just basically walked a bit more and sit down on the cliff to watch the waves which were still really big. Thank you Sean for that wonderful night!
I was too exited to sleep so I only slept like 4-5 hours. I went to LA with Maria and his boyfriend and his son. Little kid was so happy to see me. And he is like super cute!! Before getting me to the airport they took me to Amoeba which is like really big record store. And then it was my time to start flying to Estonia. 
All this flying is quite boring and tiring but at least got some sleep while flying. My sister came to meet me at the airport and she made me a surprise in her apartment. It was so sweet!! She even bought me Estonian candies and chocolate and my favourite kind of kohuke which is one estonian thing. I got few hours to sleep and then headed to Tartu to go to school.

Didn’t get any sleep on the bus. And my friend Kairit came to meet me at the bus station and she had keys to my home. I really missed her!! After dropping my things off we basically had full day of school after what we went to grill some meat with coursemates. After that went to club Illusion but ended up on Rüütli street cause the club was really overcrowded. And met some schoolmates from my high school which was a nice surprise. And tried Sparta from Möku. It’s a mixed shot of Strohh, Absinth and Tequila. You have to try if you ever go out in Tartu!

And on Friday I took a bus to my home town Rakvere. Thought that I will get some rest here but who needs that. At least I slept a bit more. Got so much to talk about with my parents and spend some time with my cute silly dog. He is getting old tough. And we got rasberries. They’re not so sweet anymore but good enough for me 🙂

Today I went to eat sushi with some friends and right now I’m not sure which sushi is better – sushi from Kyoto Sushi or from Sushi Tiger. And now I just came form the sauna. It was really nice..

I think it still haven’t got to me that I’m in Estonia. Or maybe I’ve just been too busy. Because until last night I only had 13 hours to sleep this week. I know I’m a robot 😉 
And I have to say that it feels good to be back in Estonia. See all the friends and family… And I’m not freezing so much.. yet!! Actually it is quite warm around here right now.

SeaWorld & last week

Before SeawWorld day I had one free day what I spent quite good. In the morning I was in so much hurry becuase one of my Estonian friends had to catch a flight that day and I had go to her place in PB before she goes away. It was so sad to see everybody go back already. I got home already in the afternoon and my roommate wanted a break from studying so we decided to start drinking. It was the first time we ever drank together. Even though we have been living together 3 months already. It is always good to talk with her. I’m definitely gonna miss her!
Enne SeaWorldi oli mul üks vaba päev. Hommikul täiega kiirustasin igale poole, kuna üks eestlastest pidi lennukile minema ja ma pidin enne seda veel PB’le jõudma, enne mida käisin veel ka Coronadol enda viimast palka võtmas. Kahju on näha sõpru tagasi minemas. Sain poolest päevast koju juba ning kuna Lupita tahtis õppimisest pausi, siis otsustasime kokteile tegema hakata. See oli esimene kord kui me koos jõime, mis sest, et me oleme kolm kuud juba koos elanud. Temaga on alati hea rääkida ning ma jään teda kindlasti igatsema!!
Sunday was the SeaWorld day for me!! We got there through one of my friends from SD who is working there. So he showed us around and we didn’t have to wait in the long line to get anywhere. And we all were totally soaking wet there. Why not sit down in the first row of the soaking area?! This place was really awesome and I had a lot of fun there! Thank you, Diego!
Pühapäev oli SeaWorldi päev mulle!! Me saime sinna tasuta sisse läbi ühe mu sõbra siin, kes seal töötab. Ta näitas meile seal ringi ning suureks boonuseks oli see, et me ei pidanud tund-poolteist järjekordades ootama, vaid saime järjekorra väliselt kõikidele atraktsioonidele. Me saime seal ikka täiesti läbimärjaks! Miks mitte istuda esiritta “märjaks saamis alas”, kus tehakse kõik selleks, et sa kuivana sealt ei lahkuks? Aga see koht oli täiega lahe ja väga palju nalja sai ka!!

So Monday I helped my friends in the art gallery to give away some flyers on the street. Before that we went to my souvenir shop to buy some stuff to home and then we went to give some food to homeless people. After “work” we went to Sean place and I ended up talking with Reelika til 1am. And I got a new roommate which meant that I had to start sleeping on a couch. 
Esmaspäeval aitasin sõpru galeriis. Enne seda käisime minu töökohas suveniire koju ostmas ja kodututele süüa andmas. Minu “tööks” oli muidu flaierite jagamine tänaval. Pärast “tööd” me läksime Seani poole, kus me Reelikaga rääkisime poole ööni juttu. Muide, me saime uue roommate’i. Selle pärast pean nädalakese diivanil magama. 
Wednesday I spent some time at the beach to take the last of the sun before going back. After that I got together with Chris and went to some sort of pet store which was like a little zoo already. I really liked those little water dragons. Super cute!
Kolmapäeval oli ma mõnda aega rannas, et saada piisavalt päikest enne tagasitulekut. Pärast seda sain Chrisiga kokku ning läksime loomapoodi, mis oli nagu väikene loomaaed. Seal oli igast roomajaid ja kalu ja värki. Ning mulle väga väga meeldisid väikesed veedraakonid. Nad olid lihtsalt supernunnud!!

In the evening we picked up on of my best friends from the airport because she thought to spend some time in SD before going back to Estonia too. After that we went to get my Blood Dancer t-shirt and CD. I finally got them!! I’m so happy!
Õhtul läksime Stinale lennujaama järgi, sest ta arvas, et hea mõte on enne kojutulekut nädalakese minuga veeta. Pärast kui olime ta minu poole ära visanud siis läksime Chrisi venna poole, et saada mulle stuffi. Sain lõpuks oma Blood Danceri särgi ja CD ning ma olen väga õnnelik selle üle!!
The next days I was with Stina. I’m showing her around. Same time I can enjoy those places before going back too. It is so good to have my real friend here and talk to her. I missed that.  We went shopping and just walking around and then we were hanging with Sean and Reelika and few other Estonians. Last night we went to La Jolla to make a bonfire but when we got there the waves were really high. That’s because the Norbert. But I liked that. It was calming to watch the waves and listen to them. The thing that I am definitely gonna miss!!
Järgmised päevad veetsin ma Stinaga, et talle ümbruskonda näidata. Samal ajal saan ma ise ka nautida neid kohti viimaseid kordi enne Eestisse minekut. Ning väga hea on siin oma sõbrannaga olla ning temaga rääkida. Ma isegi igatsesin seda. Käisime shoppamas ja niisama ringi jalutamas. Lisaks olime koos ka koos Seani ja Reelika ja paari teise eestlasega. Eile õhtul tahtsime La Jollal lõket teha, aga sinna jõudes avastasime, et lained on megakõrged ning ranna ala, kus nad muidu olid olnud, ei olnudki enam. Selles on süüdi Norbert (tormi nimi). Aga mulle meeldis seal. Me istusime ja rääkisime juttu. See oli väga rahustav vaadata suuri laineid ja kuulata nende mühinat. See on kindlasti üks asi, mida igatsema hakkan!!

So it’s my last full day here. Few days ago I bought my luggage and now things are basically packed. And I am almost ready to go. Only have to say goodbye to some friends. I am not super happy to go back but I’m not super sad about it too anymore. I’ll be fine there. I might only freeze to death 😉
Täna on mu viimane täispäev siin. PAar päeva tagasi ostsin ka lõpuks oma kohvri ära ning nüüd on mul asjad ka põhimõtteliselt pakitud. Ning ma olen ka peaaegu valmis tagasi tulema. Pean ainult paari sõbraga hüvasti jätma. Ma ei ole nagu super-õnnelik tagasi tulla, aga ma ei ole ka enam kurb selle pärast. Kõik läheb hästi Eestis, aga ma võin surnuks külmuda 😉

Road Trip

I am already starting to write in English. Right now there is gonna be Estonian text too but after a while I think there is gonna be only English. And I am really sorry if there is a lot of mistakes. But what the hell…I’m still awesome 😉
Alustan juba inglise keeles ka kirjutamist, kuna tagasi jõudes hakkan vist ainult teises keeles kirjutama.
So Wednesday I went to road trip. We were only supposed to go to Yosemite and come back next day but ended up going to Grand Canyon too. Firstly, we made a stop in Hollywood to see the famous sign. It was quite far away but still awesome to see it with my own eyes.
Kolmapäeval läksime väikesele reisile. Pea pidime ainut Yosemitesse minema ja järgmisel päeval tagasi, aga lõpuks läksime Grand Canyonisse ka. Kõigepealt tegime peatuse kuulsa Hollywoodi märgi juures. See oli küll natuke kaugel, aga vähemalt on oma silmaga nähtud.

After that it was a long drive to Yosemite. Before going to the Village we hopped by the Sequoia National Park to see some big trees. Walking around there felt like I was already back in Estonia because the smell and the forest was quite the same. Only the trees were bigger here.
Pärast seda oli pikk sõit sihtkohta. Enne külasse minekut hüppasime Sequoia Rahvuspargist läbi, et näha suuri puid, mis olid ikka meeletud. Seal ringi kõndides tekkis juba tunne nagu oleks Eestis, kuna lõhnas sarnaselt. Ainuke erinevus tunduski olevat see, et puud on pargis palju palju suuremad. 

But when we got to Yosemite Village we discovered that the river was dried out, so we couldn’t see any waterfall. So we just decided to go to Grand Canyon too, even though it is like 13 hours to get there. We drove a bit and then decided to rest in a hotel which was in a middle of nowhere but at least sleep was good.
Kui me aga Yosemite külasse jõudsime, siis avastasime, et jõgi on ära kuivanud ning koskesid näha ei saagi siis. Seega me otsustasime Grand Canyonisse minna, mis on nagu 13 tundi sõitu.

Driving to Grand Canyon was really long ride and it felt like we are never gonna get there. One of the Estonian girls were driving for a little bit and because she didn’t know that we had to get to another freeway then we missed the turn and had to drive off the freeway for a while. But it happened to be a really good mistake because we got to see beautiful nature around us.
Sõit sinna oli ikka meeletult pikk ja tekkis tunne, et ei jõuagi sinna. Hommikul sai üks eestlastest sõita natukene. Aga kuna ta ei teadnud, et peame teise kiirtee võtma, siis me sõitsime õigest otsast mööda. Seega sõitsime natukene mööda väiksemaid teid. See oli õnnelik juhus, kuna tänu sellele meil õnnestus näha ilusat loodust ümberringi.

We made it there for the sunset and it was amazing!! I just love sunsets!! We got to spend the night in the oldest hotel which is actually always booked for 3 months. But we were really lucky. Laura and I woke up 5 in the morning to see the sunrise which was again – amazing!! Even though it was freezing cold and of course I didn’t take any long pants with me on the trip. Preparing to go back to Estonia. I already imagine how cold it’s gonna be.
Me jõudsime päikeseloojanguks kohale. Ma armastan neid!! Me veetsime öö vanimas hotellis seal ning see on alati 3 kuud broneeritud. Lauraga ärkasime hommikul kell 5 üles, et päikesetõusu näha. See värvide mäng on ikka imeline. Väljas oli superkülm ning mul polnud pikki pükse ka reisil kaasas, seega ma täiega külematasin ja harjutasin ennast Eesti ilmaga.

After a little bit rest under a warm blanket and a hot shower we took a bus drive to see more of Grand Canyon. It really is truly beautiful and amazing!

Kui pärast  sai sooja sisse, siis läksime läksime väikesele bussireisile, et näha rohkemat sellest kohast. See koht on lihtsalt niivõrd ilus ja imeline!!
On the way back Sean showed us Route 66 and the crossover where you can make a deal with a devil. Next to it is one of the oldest city on the Route 66. Before getting home he took us to his house in Fallbrook and showed me around there. Other girls had already been there multiple times. It was funny because we had a joke about that I’m his girlfriend and he showed me around the house like we are gonna live there and where everything is gonna be. Right then the house was unfurnished. 
Tagasiteel näitas Sean meile ameeriklaste seas kuulat Route 66 ja ristmikku, kus saad paganale oma hinge müüa. Selle kõrval on üks vanimaid linnu selle tee ääres. Enne päris koju jõudmist hüüpasime Fallbrookist läbi, kus käisime Seani majast läbi. Teised olid seal juba mitu korda käinud ning isegi elanud vahepeal. Seega näitas ta mulle majas ringi. See oli päris naljakas, kuna meil oli nali sellega, et ma olen ta uus tüdruksõber ning ta näitaski maja nii nagu me hakkaksime seal koos elama. Maja oli hetkel mööblita, aga ma kujutan ette kui kena see veel mööbliga tegelikult oleks.


All the driving was quite exhausting but it was totally worth it. And I got to travel with really cool people.  

Kõik see sõit oli päris väsitav, aga kõike seda väärt. Lisaks sellele sain ma reisida väga lahedate inimestega!