New year, same s**t


I think I’ve said that already before but I don’t believe in this stuff like “new year, new me”. It is more to make broken promises by people who are not confident enough or overthinking what they can actually do. The life don’t start again every year. The problems you had yesterday will still be there tomorrow.

So how am/was I celebrating New Years? Well, I was actually working. For the midnight we got to run to the main square to see the fireworks and then we went back to clean the restaurant. I haven’t told it here but right now I am a waitress in a restaurant. And now I am home, writing my thoughts down to this post and having a class of whiskey next to me. And I actually like it. I had a chance to go to some different parties but there’s so many reasons why I didn’t even bother in the end.

First of all, I was working for like 13 hours straight. And I am a bit sick so a healthy sleep would do good for me. Second of all, wherever I look, there’s only drunk people. People are already in so deep party/drinking mood that whenever I would get there I would just feel like getting wasted as fast as possible which would end up in a mess or just going home in 10 minutes. Third, I like being alone right now. It is what I need, to learn to be also alone and have a good time. And for the last thing, the people I care the most had their own plans or are so far away.

I know there are people for who actually believe in this new year stuff works and I am really happy for them. But as I am really realistic person then I know that it is just an excuse to do something and break it off probably before the end of the first week or end of January.

I might have gone off as a bit melancholic but I just wanted to wish you alla Happy New Year and I really hope that it will bring you a lot of adventures, travelling and love! So let’s be positive and turn around the bad things from 2016 and make so much better things in 2017! We are the ones making our own luck in the life!


Finally I am getting to the reason why I was spending my summer in El Paso, Texas. One of our friends, who was in Estonia last year in spring, was getting married. So our little group of friends were all invited to the wedding. It is amazing to have reunion on the other side of the world! Even now it still feels like it was just a dream.

So we all gathered together to catch up and went out for drinks. As our friend was having a lot of people coming to the town for his wedding also then we had bunch of people getting together. So we were re-telling all our cool stories and adventures and playing our favorite drinking game which somehow only works with our group. I’ve tried to teach to some other friends but it never is as fun as with our group.

So here’s the picture of our small group and then the part of the whole group together. Some already left. We were missing few people from Europe who couldn’t come there. But hopefully will be there for the next reunion!


The Big Apology

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are so many reasons why I haven’t had another post for a while. And I am truly sorry for that. I am not gonna tell all the specifics why, but let’s just say that there’s been personal matters, post-Erasmus depression, cultural shock etc. Many-many things which all led to not want to write another post. Now I am finally ready for it. Soon I will have a post about my whole experience being Erasmus and some other posts. But some updates I have done so far, for s month and a half.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe main thing – ESN! That has been literally saving my life right now. I would still be gone if I wouldn’t go to the meetings and try to be active again. I have a goal for the next year and right now I am just working on it. I’ve calmed down a bit, I still go the events but I also let new members to do a lot. Last year I was trying to help everywhere, this year I go for deeper help. Right now I am one of the helpers for our event manager, and also taking part of some projects. I am also organizing one big event for beginning of May, but about that you will hear more at some point.

Also as usual, getting together with friends. Obviously there’s a lot of catching up to do. Also some long-distance friends have visited Tartu lately, so I’ve been getting coffee with them. It is really good to see my old friends and spend some quality time with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I’ve done some short time work, for few days. Just to get some extra money which all goes to my traveling account. Next to all that I have settled in my new apartment which I’m sharing with two foreign guys. After living with girls for half a year it took some time to get used to the calmness and having a lot of privacy. Sometimes I miss my old flatmates but same time it is good to live with guys again.

And of course, I have been to my parent’s place in Rakvere. Last time was for Easter last weekend, and it was weirdly cool to have the whole family together. But as it is total spring in Tartu then there it was still winter. Snow everywhere but at least it so warm during the day that it is finally melting.


El Paso. Part II.

Christmas time was really calm. As I am used to my ChriOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstmas traditions on the 24th then it was weird to be somewhere else and not do the usual things. At least on Christmas Eve morning when it was already evening in Estonia I Skyped with my family. They even put me on big TV and before I had to go then we took a family photo, everybody around the TV. Funny but cool.

And then we went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Before this vacation I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, so before the new movie I watched 4-6 to be on track of the things. The evening we spent with his 12432770_10205781288035324_1313335179_o-1family and played board games. How I’ve missed playing board games… And on the next day we tried to make our own gingerbread cookies and hot wine. Just so I could get a bit of Christmas from home. But we didn’t drink the wine at all because Stephen got sick and that’s where the most of Christmas went.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When he got a bit better then we went to see the neighborhood that has a lot of Christmas lights out. It was my dream to see it. I’ve always seen it in the movies. As El Paso is not so huge and is more Mexican then it wasn’t so big as in the movies but still something you don’t usually see in Estonia. And it was perfect as it had snowed before and really made me feel like winter finally.

After that we thought to go and see the city in lights as I hadn’t seen it yet in full dark. But as it snowed a day before then the road up to the hill was closed for driving. We left the car and walked up there. It was freezing and windy, but the view is still amazing! I really like El Paso!12632803_10205956598017964_1193767624_o-4

On the last day of 2015 while we were walking Sophie(one of the dogs) then we saw a beautiful sunset. And later in the evening went to church as his older brother was in the play they had. I’ve never been to any services and I am not religious, so it was interested to see how they are here. And it also turned out to be all in Spanish. Thank god I know a little bit of it now. If you ever have a chance then just for the experience I recommend to go and see. Services are different, so I describing mine wouldn’t be correct. It has to be experienced yourself.12596718_10205956597697956_265060306_o-3

12633020_541849562644998_1593331334_oFor New Years we went to little park/viewpoint on the way to Scenic Drive. But as fireworks are banned in the city area then we only saw far away ones from Mexico. And it was incredibly windy. After first fast food meal we went to meet up our friend Jose who was also in Estonia in the spring semester. It was weird to see him there but good to remember all those great times we all had together.

Year 2015

As the new years starts or has already started for some then it is time to make summary post about my 2015. It was a year of really good things and I am happy to have it 9 hours longer than usual because of being in America.

I don’t never make new years resolutions, if only then just that I would enjoy new year more and have more fun! And as it kind of is our own doing then I think I can keep that for the new year.

As usual, January is for exams and for relaxing.

February, the month I was crazy, starting my ESN time and also joined AIESEC. Also we got a visit from our American friends.

March – the month that changed my whole year. I started to live half-Erasmus life and were very active in ESN. Also I beat my fear speaking or singing karaoke in public.

April, the fool. Most of the time I spent it with my boys. I basically had second home in the dormitory.

May was amazing! I had some cool trips – Tallinn,Helsinki and one to Saaremaa. And the biggest thing was my own organized ESN Farewell party, which is the biggest party of the semester.

June – Sad month as all new friends started leaving Tartu. But in the meanwhile we had Midsummer parties.

July was for Beerfest, Hanseatic Days and also traveling to Vienna and Bratislava.

I’ll skip August as I didn’t do much because all my friends went back home and I was just preparing for my own Erasmus in Granada, Spain. So in September started new era in my life. Most of if was just exploring the new city but also started traveling to near places – like Malaga.

October was full of traveling – Jaén, Ronda, Córdoba. Also more of the city exploring.

In November I discovered the sunsets of Granada. The most beautiful thing there. Also traveled to Alcala la real and Montefrio.

The last month – December. I started it with a long trip to Huleva, Cadiz and Sevilla. Then as every year I had birthday, even though it was different this year. After birthday I was ready for the really long travel, which was first to Madrid and then to El Paso, Texas, USA! And the end of the year I have been here, relaxing and enjoying the holidays.

So I wish everyone a better New Year and I hope it will be a blast!


Because of my traveling I get to see a lot of different places during holiday season. I am so glad to have this opportunity to travel so much right now and experience holidays all around the world. Especially to be in America for this time. It has always been my dream to see Christmas here and even though it is semi-american in El Paso then I just love those lights however over-exaggerated they are.


Christmas tree in Cádiz


Christmas tree in Granada on Plaza Bib-Rambla


Christmas tree in Madrid on Plaza del Sol


Holiday lights in the neighborhood in El Paso


Christmas tree at home in El Paso

Not 21 forever

I’ve been 22 already for a week. Usually I haveIMG_5211-2 a party in my sauna-house with my friends but this year it was different. Obviously because I was in Spain. Because of the weather it didn’t even feel like it is December and time for my birthday.

So this year I had just tapas with my flatmates and few new friends and then we headed home to eat birthday cake. It was really lovely and calm. In the morning (what morning?! it was like 3pm)  I went to eat churros with chocolate. Really lazy and calm birthday, but I kind of liked it because it was good to have something different for once.


Photoshoot with flatmates

My Spanish flatmate bought a new camera and so we went to the park to make some cool photos with it. We are all just learning the camera, so they are nothing professional. Just had a bit fun in the park. Also the dog went crazy, he just jumped to the river and regretted it in a second because the water was really cold and he ended up really dirty.


Winter/Christmas is coming

I’m not an usual Christmas waiting person. I wait more for the Christmas food or just for having a vacation doing nothing at home. So walking in stores in November full of Christmas stuff makes me usually sick. This year I have more to look forward to. So I am really exited! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So the other day when I was walking around the town I bought some new stuff for the cold winter nights and for the Christmas spirit.

This blue and white striped jumper is the best thing I have. It is so comfy, warm and I could wear it all the time. I got it from C&A. Also I bought bear slipper from a random Chinese store for the cold floor we have in the apartment.

The most exiting and my first ever is Christmas calendar. Only trick for me is that I already started and I am counting the days down. It is showing me in how many days I will be in America.

And I can’t resist tangerines! It is most Christmas spirit you will get out of me until actual Christmas! Their smell is just like Christmas.


Some exciting news!

I have some really exiting news. And I will explain it a little bit also because otherwise you won’t understand why I have chosen to do things like that.

  1. I am spending my Christmas and New Years in AMERICA (El Paso, TX) visiting my best friend. I am so exited to see him after 4 and a half months. Also I will be back in my loved country. Murica!
  2. I will be back in TARTU from FEBRUARY! In the beginning I was supposed to be in Granada for a year. But I changed by contract to be here only for a semester. Why? It is not my place. And no, it is not because of the language only. I am already over the language, I don’t even care anymore. In the beginning it was hard and I gave myself this whole 2 months to settle in. And it hasn’t happened. Don’t judge me wrong. I love Spain! It is so beautiful and IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA can’t get enough of traveling around. But I don’t like living here. For this one semester it is fun but spending another semester would be a quite waste of time for me. And it is always easy to get a cheap flight to Spain, so I will be back in no time! And then I should also have a chance to do another Erasmus if I want.
  3. I’ve decided to work on my blog more. To make it better and share my adventures and to inspire more people to take the chances. So I would really appreciate if you could send me some FEEDBACK through the contact from in up in the menu or write to me personally. Tell me what more you would want to see in my blog, what could I do better and whatever else you have in you mind. Thank you a lot!