Last Days of El Paso

IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA have been delaying this post because I didn’t want those memories to end. The summer is long gone but I am still there in my mind. But as end of the year is approaching then I need to move on and get to my next travels also.

So one of those days we went to New Mexico again for horseback riding in the mountains. It was my first time ever without anyone else leading the horse and all by myself. Although it was still in a line and going slowly but my horse wanted to go faster. I can’t wait to go riding somewhere again. Same evening we also went to a place called Little Bit of Texas which is a country dance club. I just love this place! First time learning country dancing and also learned new line dances. I could have danced all night!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A day before the wedding we did some touristy stuff again. We went to the The National Border Patrol Museum. All this time and ways people have been smuggled to the States but they are still finding new ways! And things they have built! Museum is always about seeing so you better go check yourself the stuff they have there if you should ever found yourself in El Paso.

whatsapp-image-2016-08-08-at-1-05-00-am-46Now the most important – wedding of our good friend. The reason why we all gathered there with our friends. The last time I was in a wedding I was 8 years old and in Estonia. Now it was American-Mexican wedding in a church. So first of all, churches in America are not like telenovelas. It feels like you are watching a play on the stage although it is your friends up there getting married. Then to the reception people just gather on a random time. Who wants to eat goes earlier who just to congratulate and dance come really late. So we got some good Mexican food, some delicious  wedding cake and we took part of some wedding games. First time even trying to catch a bouquet! Didn’t catch it though. And we were dancing line dance in fancy dresses! To sum it up, I am so happy for the happy couple and this whole wedding was such a nice new experience!


So on my last night we went to see the sunset one last time and it was just amazing! It was just so beautiful how those clouds were and how the colours of the sun were playing on them and on the city! It is something that even pictures can’t describe. You all know I love sunsets and as it was also my last day then really didn’t want it to end. But we can’t stop time so after that we went to hang out with our friends to get some last drinks and played few bar games outside.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarly in the morning I had the flight away from El Paso. I would say “to home” but I had like 5 flight to home. I got good seats and one flight even in first class so I got to enjoy the clouds and views over different cities. Whenever I wasn’t sleeping.

So that was my whole summer basically. Just relaxing and enjoying my time because I knew when I come back home I won’t have time to relax. If you haven’t read other posts then check the last posts about El Paso. Also if you want to be updated when new post is coming up then follow me on Facebook. And if you want more photos of my trips or see more of my everyday life also then follow me on Instagram.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Downtown El Paso

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADowntown El Paso is not big. As it is hot then people don’t like spending their days outside so much. We went there during the day and we couldn’t spend over an hour outside. Most places have this refreshing water system so passing them was just a blessing.

The main square has a sculpture of crocodiles and as I’ve seen before then this little area is full of people in the evening when it is bearable to be outside. This little park/main square is surrounded by tall buildings. But same time they are the only tall buildings in the whole city. As America has so much space then they more build to sides rather than to heights.


The next cool building was Plaza Theater which is an historic building. It really looks like this old style theaters which you see in the movies. And it is still operational today. They show various Broadway productions, musical concerts, and individual performers.

We still had some time on the parking meter so randomly went just on some street that looked more hipster-like and we just wondered to this sculpture that is for honoring the fireman.

Downtown is really small compared to other cities but as it is not some tourist place and so on then they don’t even need big skyscrapers.

Marfa & Balmorhea, TX

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo another weekend we went to meet some S. friends and took his sister with us. Really close to Marfa is a little Prada boutique just to look in. It is a super small house. But as Marfa is artsy town and full of galleries and hipsters then it made sense to have this shop there.

Marfa is a small town so we were just walking through heat to different art galleries. I would say they were really from one wall to another. But mostly we had just a big question what those artist were thinking making this art and then what were galleries thinking of having them?! In the end of those galleries we went to one local bar to get some cold drinks. I just love this place!! It was so film-like and cosy and full of stuff, just stuff.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyways, we were in luck because they were opening a new gallery or a super big exhibition house . So everyone joining the opening got free bbq meat dinner and drinks. Also there were mariachis playing music. Although it was sad that no-one was dancing to them.Before we were heading to Odessa where we stayed at our friend’s place then we went to see Prada boutique again as others didn’t see that before. The road to Odessa was long as it was late ans driving in the dark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next day we had 2 other joining us and we went to Balmorhea. There is the largest spring-fed swimming pool in the world. It is a bit expensive to get to the park but as you can’t go swimming outside in the desert then it was cool to go with such heat. For me the water was quite warm but I’m used to cold water in Estonia. Some went diving also but I more enjoyed just legs in the water and sun on my skin. I’m not so friendly with the water.

As this part of Texas is in the desert then there’s not so much to see but those few places are still incredible. Also I was happy to explore the city in another way. Not always just buildings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gila and City of Rocks, NM

Our second road trip was to Gila National Forest which is close to Silver City, New Mexico. It is known for its Cliff Dwellings. The road there was so beautiful as we got out of the desert and into the mountains. Driving trough forests and over mountains.. Breath-taking!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we had a storm just the day before then we couldn’t walk the whole hiking track to see the dwellings as the storm broke down some trees. So we could only walk on the one side of the cliff but at least we saw the main sights – the dwellings. It is actually amazing how people in the old times have build walls in the mountains and lived there. We had  a really lovely guide who had a lot of stories about people living there, most of them just assumptions but still amazing.


The way back we made few stops to see the green views of the mountains. Living in Estonia the mountains are the thing I really miss and need.


City of Rocks was actually right on our way to home, so we went to see it. It is not an actual city, it is called like that because of big are full of big rocks. It is best place to have adventures and climb the rocks and have fun! It has multiple camping and bbq areas. Also there’s a lot of Jack Rabbits. Not just a lot, the place is full of them! We had to drive so carefully trying not to hit any of them.

On the way back home we were blessed with an amazing sky colours and a rainbow:


Shooting and scenic drive

Oh wow.. I really didn’t have any motivation to continue my summer story but don’t worry, it will be finished! I am writing everything in advance to automatically post them after every few days.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So as I got to spend July 4th in America again then obviously I needed to celebrate it! A day before the actual big day we went shooting in the desert with some friends. Never forget ear plugs! We did and I am not used to so heavy sounds, so I got ringing in my ears even the next day.

So we were shooting some different shotguns and in the end regulars guns. Honestly, I have no idea about what kind of guns they actually are. It was just my second time shooting actual guns. But as it hurt my ears a lot then in the end I was just throwing clay targets.


As we had regular gun with us and we had some full water bottles left then we took turns to shoot them. I tried also and I hit half of the shots I had which I am really proud of. Same time our friends had a really hard time to hit anything. They are really shotgun people.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also one of those free days we went to the Scenic Drive. The city is a lot different in the summer. The city is in the desert but it had quite a lot of artificial greenery. I just love driving around and seeing the city. Even more going on top of the mountain and seeing the whole city. Right now being away I really miss seeing mountains everywhere!

Carlsbad, NM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we had more time this time and it was warm and nice then we decided to make some road trips. Our first road trip was to Carlsbad, New Mexico. It takes 2 hours to get there from El Paso. On the way we had a stop to eat some snack and enjoy mountains.

Our main purpose was to visit Carlsbad Caverns. It is going 230 m deep (754 feet) and is huge to explore around. It has different “rooms” to go around and it is amazing!  It is a bit dark to make good photos without a professional camera but I have few to at least give some kind of idea how wonderful it is like there.


As we were recommended to go down my elevator and walk back because of too much people, then our way back was really intense. We walked up over 30 minutes. I don’t even remember exactly. Close to the end we could see bats sleeping in the dark and where there was some light then there were a lot of sparrows or some other birds flying around. Seriously, a lot!

As we were tired and hungry then we went also to the town to seek for some food. As we didn’t know anything of this place then we just drove around and found place called Beto’s Tacos. Really good burrito what I got! Right before we started driving home we went by the park area and enjoyed some sun. On the other side of the river there were a lot of people  on the beach and next to it was a water park. Seemed like a typical Saturday.


I got to drive back which was my first time driving in USA. The highways are super boring and there are a lot of truck drivers who are just falling asleep. Other than that it was nice to drive. As the road is mostly just straight then when driving with 70(110km/h) feels like driving with 55 (85km/h). And as you seen I’ve got used to American freedom system 😉

Road to USA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo yes, I have been away for a while again. I always think that I have more time when I am home but it is usually always the opposite. So I spent my summer in USA and I wanted to start from the beginning.

First I spent some time home with family celebrating the Midsummer’s Eve with grilled meat and had a bonfire during the sunset. And yes, the best meat is a bit crispy on the side and also my mom prefers a bit burnt, but it is still good burnt.

So the next day on the way to Tallinn we made a stop in Viru bog. The weather was warm and sunny and perfect to walk trough the bog. A long road is with a boardwalk and has a nice view tower on the way. One the most beautiful bogs in Estonia that I have seen so far. Also you can go swim in those little lakes there.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next day we had a cruise to Stockholm to spend some more sisters time together before I went away. As we have been in Stockholm so many times then we are always trying to take a new route. This time we headed west of the city center, had a walk around the little island and went by the city hall.


And then it was just around 30 hours of traveling to get to my final destination. I know it is long and I had so many airports but it was all worth it and El Paso is kind of middle of nowhere for the planes. So I went Stockholm-London-Chicago-Houston-El Paso. I had an overnight in London and that was a weird experience. First when last flights finally left I got a place to fall asleep. After a while security guys started waking people up and asking for nationality. Then they took as all away from the general waiting area and took us to one of the gate’s waiting areas. As all people staying overnight were there, then were some annoying kids screaming and middle of night they started asking for passports again. Finally in the morning we got back to the general waiting and then it was just enough time to charge my phone and get to my plane. WhatsApp-Image-20160627

And the coolest part was that as Chicago-El Paso was overbooked then they were looking for voluteers to get the later flight. As I didn’t have an exact seat number yet and I was last on the list then I got offered quite a big voucher money to get there few hours later. As I didn’t have all the tickets back yet then it was really good way to get better tickets back to Chicago.

And here’s a picture that describes best how we felt when I finally got there. I was really really tired and same happy and he was super happy.

El Paso. Part III.

12591994_10205956595657905_394895998_o-5First weekend in 2016 we went to our friend going away party as he moved to another state. His whole family and relatives were there, so we just talked until they surprised him with mariachis. They sang, they danced and it all was going on for over an hour I think. It felt like they will never stop. I even got into dancing and showing my Mexican side (which I am not, but I picked up everything really fast).

His family was really really nice and I enjoyed experiencing all these traditions in person. Also I got to try menudo, which is really spicy Mexican soup. As I am not at hello with spiciness, then I took forever to finish my bowl until one point I just gave it to my friend. But it was really good! If only I could enjoy spices more.

12631095_10205956598737982_2003914623_o-1As winter goes, then ice-skating is something you should do every winter. So we went to the big skating place with Stephen’s brother and his girlfriend. It was quite crowded, but it was empty according to normal. As I am always rubbish the first time in the beginning then after time I got more confidence and were trying to learn something new. At the break we also got some hot cocoa and a churro, which reminds me that Mexican churros are so much sweeter and don’t need chocolate with it to be sweet.

As his other brother came with his girlfriend on Wednesday then the house got quite crowded. We went to eat pizzas at Peter Piper Pizza and as they also have a game machine corner then after eating we bought a lot of chips to play with. And with all the points we won with the big group everybody bought something. After seeing the new Sherlock episode at movies we headed home to play board games. Also the next morning when I was supposed to study I decided to join in playing games as I won’t get to do it for a long time after leaving anyways.

The other day after his work we went with the whole family to his father’s house and also played board games and talked. It is always weird when people get curious about Estonia. I don’t know what to say about. At least Stephen helped me out a bit as he has lived there and seen stuff.

12443517_10205879895420447_1036779048_o-2The next day we went ice-skating again, this time with the other side of the family. As most of them were really beginners and moved quite slowly and I was getting a lot better this time then I enjoyed learning and trying new stuff. Although this time it was quite overcrowded for me. Sometime it was impossible to get past group of people. After long fast-food dinner we went back to play some board games again. This time we played his mother’s new Bingo she got for Christmas and Life. We didn’t have enough loans to have 7 players, so Stephen joined to my life journey and we had this whole story of how we met after college and got married and everything. I was a doctor and he was a handsome rock-star.

On the last day we went to see sunset one more time. And also to see the city in lights. This time as it was cloudy, the sunset was amazing! I think it was one of the most incredible ones I’ve ever seen. The city is famous for them, and I can totally understand why.


12562638_10205888846284213_368532887_o-8On the very very last day I just packed my stuff and sent my postcards and had some last looks on the city. I think it was the saddest day in a really long time. At least up to this point it was. As my flight got delayed, we had some time at the airport. We were just doing some silly Snapchats.

On my first flight I was sitting next to window, so I also got a chance to take some pictures of Phoenix. I couldn’t get any of El Paso because mostly I could only see Mexico from there. And then the other 30 hour trip back was just tiring. Although I was watching Star Wars 1-3 on the plane. Being back in Granada felt weird and also I was super jet lagged.

El Paso. Part II.

Christmas time was really calm. As I am used to my ChriOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstmas traditions on the 24th then it was weird to be somewhere else and not do the usual things. At least on Christmas Eve morning when it was already evening in Estonia I Skyped with my family. They even put me on big TV and before I had to go then we took a family photo, everybody around the TV. Funny but cool.

And then we went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Before this vacation I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, so before the new movie I watched 4-6 to be on track of the things. The evening we spent with his 12432770_10205781288035324_1313335179_o-1family and played board games. How I’ve missed playing board games… And on the next day we tried to make our own gingerbread cookies and hot wine. Just so I could get a bit of Christmas from home. But we didn’t drink the wine at all because Stephen got sick and that’s where the most of Christmas went.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When he got a bit better then we went to see the neighborhood that has a lot of Christmas lights out. It was my dream to see it. I’ve always seen it in the movies. As El Paso is not so huge and is more Mexican then it wasn’t so big as in the movies but still something you don’t usually see in Estonia. And it was perfect as it had snowed before and really made me feel like winter finally.

After that we thought to go and see the city in lights as I hadn’t seen it yet in full dark. But as it snowed a day before then the road up to the hill was closed for driving. We left the car and walked up there. It was freezing and windy, but the view is still amazing! I really like El Paso!12632803_10205956598017964_1193767624_o-4

On the last day of 2015 while we were walking Sophie(one of the dogs) then we saw a beautiful sunset. And later in the evening went to church as his older brother was in the play they had. I’ve never been to any services and I am not religious, so it was interested to see how they are here. And it also turned out to be all in Spanish. Thank god I know a little bit of it now. If you ever have a chance then just for the experience I recommend to go and see. Services are different, so I describing mine wouldn’t be correct. It has to be experienced yourself.12596718_10205956597697956_265060306_o-3

12633020_541849562644998_1593331334_oFor New Years we went to little park/viewpoint on the way to Scenic Drive. But as fireworks are banned in the city area then we only saw far away ones from Mexico. And it was incredibly windy. After first fast food meal we went to meet up our friend Jose who was also in Estonia in the spring semester. It was weird to see him there but good to remember all those great times we all had together.

El Paso. Part I.

I am an horrible blog keeper right now. As I was in El Paso for 3 weeks for my holiday vacation then I was more enjoying my time more than thinking about my blog. And when I got back I didn’t bother to write as I wanted to have it only for myself for a while.12438844_10205781292355432_1187034367_o-1

So, let’s start from the beginning. It all started with 32 hour travel from Madrid. With 4 planes to totally different parts of the World. And as I was expecting then I was too exited to get there that I couldn’t sleep so much, only few hours 12463544_10205824280270103_961606126_n-3in total. So I just watched quite a lot of movies on the planes or just spending time trying to fall asleep.

The funny thing is that as soon as I was on American ground I felt much more home than I ever have in Spain. So I am pretty sure that America is my second home and a huge possibility for the future.12442994_10205824279870093_402804470_n-2

So to get full Texas experience on the first day we went shooting. Never done it with actual guns and in the shooting range. I’ve only done it at home with an airgun. I can say that headphones are essential to wear but the most annoying thing while wearing protection glasses. And as a beginners luck, I was shooting even better than Stephen at this day.

Second big thing is sunsets. El Paso is famous for it. So up we went to Scenic Drive to see. But as it wasn’t any cloudy then it was more of a normal sunrise. But from up there we could also see most of the city. Locals are so used to the city and they say it’s boring there but I could only see beauty and awesomeness.

Other day he showed me around UTEP (The Univesrity of Texas at El Paso) campus. The campus is huge. The univesity library has the World’s largest book which is 130 pounds (around 60kg) and size of 5-by-7 feet (1,5-by-2,1 m). It 114 pages and needs two people to turn the page. The whole campus is in Bhutanese style. I kind of can’t get over how big the whole campus was. It took a while to see most of it, because we also went inside of some buildings.

That’s the first part. As it was my vacation then most of the time I just relaxed. I didn’t rush through places like I usually do because I have only one day to explore. Be tuned for the next part 😉