It was a really great year. I have to admit that I had now idea that it would turn out like that. I would have never imagined to end up in California. It was a quite spontaneous thought to go there but it stick with me and turned out to be the best thing I did. So what were the highlights of my year?!
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1. Healthier lifestyle. I started running for few months before I went to SD. I was too busy and afraid to run there in my neighborhood but I still went hiking few times and I started eating healthier and a bit less than before.

 2. Hanging out with my friends. Usually I forgot to take pictures because it is so fun and you can never say enough with pictures 😉

3.Making new friends. I made some more but as I said before then forgot to take pics. Craziest people I met and got a new best friend – Mr. Puss!!

 4. Party-party-party!! Sometimes got too crazy but I always love meeting new people. And also I like just hang out with my friends with beer and just play board games or something. But I am young and enjoying my uni life 😉

 5. Sightseeing. Some places and events I had to see while being in SD. Although I missed a lot, have to go again 🙂

 6. Sisters’ time. Having cultural trips, participating in TV-shows, having just fun and letting her make my hair. 

 7. Stockholm/Helsinki/Riga. Visited those places a lot this year but they won’t be last. 

 8. Breath-taking views. 

 9. And the last but my favourite – sunsets and sunrises! Wanna win a way to my heart, take me to see a sunset and I will just melt.

So 2014 was amazing and I hope that 2015 will be even more amazing and full of traveling and beautiful sunsets. I am ready for you. 2015!!