Year 2015

As the new years starts or has already started for some then it is time to make summary post about my 2015. It was a year of really good things and I am happy to have it 9 hours longer than usual because of being in America.

I don’t never make new years resolutions, if only then just that I would enjoy new year more and have more fun! And as it kind of is our own doing then I think I can keep that for the new year.

As usual, January is for exams and for relaxing.

February, the month I was crazy, starting my ESN time and also joined AIESEC. Also we got a visit from our American friends.

March – the month that changed my whole year. I started to live half-Erasmus life and were very active in ESN. Also I beat my fear speaking or singing karaoke in public.

April, the fool. Most of the time I spent it with my boys. I basically had second home in the dormitory.

May was amazing! I had some cool trips – Tallinn,Helsinki and one to Saaremaa. And the biggest thing was my own organized ESN Farewell party, which is the biggest party of the semester.

June – Sad month as all new friends started leaving Tartu. But in the meanwhile we had Midsummer parties.

July was for Beerfest, Hanseatic Days and also traveling to Vienna and Bratislava.

I’ll skip August as I didn’t do much because all my friends went back home and I was just preparing for my own Erasmus in Granada, Spain. So in September started new era in my life. Most of if was just exploring the new city but also started traveling to near places – like Malaga.

October was full of traveling – Jaén, Ronda, Córdoba. Also more of the city exploring.

In November I discovered the sunsets of Granada. The most beautiful thing there. Also traveled to Alcala la real and Montefrio.

The last month – December. I started it with a long trip to Huleva, Cadiz and Sevilla. Then as every year I had birthday, even though it was different this year. After birthday I was ready for the really long travel, which was first to Madrid and then to El Paso, Texas, USA! And the end of the year I have been here, relaxing and enjoying the holidays.

So I wish everyone a better New Year and I hope it will be a blast!


Because of my traveling I get to see a lot of different places during holiday season. I am so glad to have this opportunity to travel so much right now and experience holidays all around the world. Especially to be in America for this time. It has always been my dream to see Christmas here and even though it is semi-american in El Paso then I just love those lights however over-exaggerated they are.


Christmas tree in Cádiz


Christmas tree in Granada on Plaza Bib-Rambla


Christmas tree in Madrid on Plaza del Sol


Holiday lights in the neighborhood in El Paso


Christmas tree at home in El Paso

Not 21 forever

I’ve been 22 already for a week. Usually I haveIMG_5211-2 a party in my sauna-house with my friends but this year it was different. Obviously because I was in Spain. Because of the weather it didn’t even feel like it is December and time for my birthday.

So this year I had just tapas with my flatmates and few new friends and then we headed home to eat birthday cake. It was really lovely and calm. In the morning (what morning?! it was like 3pm)  I went to eat churros with chocolate. Really lazy and calm birthday, but I kind of liked it because it was good to have something different for once.


Photoshoot with flatmates

My Spanish flatmate bought a new camera and so we went to the park to make some cool photos with it. We are all just learning the camera, so they are nothing professional. Just had a bit fun in the park. Also the dog went crazy, he just jumped to the river and regretted it in a second because the water was really cold and he ended up really dirty.


Trip to West-Andalusia: Day 3

In this hostel I couldn’t sleep so well OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecause it was hot in the room. And one of the girls closed the windows before going to sleep. But I still like the decoration and high-tech stuff there. And the beds were really good actually.

I also got the map from the reception again but this time it was really confusing map. At one point I even got lost and it was really hard to navigate. I started my day from the Cathedral as it was right next to my hostel. Even in 11 o’clock the streets were quite full of people. I didn’t go inside the cathedral but it was huge! And the line to get in was really really long.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost of the day I was in the parks because they were just so amazing and the whole corner of the city was just full of parks. The most amazing thing about Sevilla is Plaza de España which is located in Parque María Luisa. It has a huge pavilion building around the plaza and it took me around 15 minutes to walk it through. In the bottom are little corners dedicated to every province of Spain with a pictures and colorful tiles. Also you can get a boat and do a round on the little water area around the plaza.

In the park I was probably around 2 hours. It was just huge and beautiful and I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful it would be in spring. It also had a little island just for birds. I don’t know how they stay around the area but it is quite cool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the way to find something to eat I passed the University and I wouldn’t mind studying and going to school this building every day. It is beautiful. The place I ate was called Gorki and it is definitely more Spanish kind of place – the food had too much oil. And they had 3 waiters but it seemed that they can’t manage the whole room by themselves.


After nice meal I went to see the city from Torre del Oro. It was quite high but the view was still nice. Because I was back in the city center then I planned to go to see Real Alcázar de Sevilla, but they closed the doors right in front of us. So I went to Alameda de Hércules which is a garden square or mall. I would call it also a park. There was a lot of sellers and also exhibitions with photos.

On the way back to hostel I got lost because I wanted to see some otherOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA churches on the way and the map was just too confusing. Also by this time all the streets were just full of people. So I just got stuck behind them all the time.

The funny thing about Sevilla is how people use horses as transport. I get if it was in the park or off the big streets but they are everywhere. It is funny to see on the street – car, car, horse, horse, car, horse.

In general, on the third day I was quite tired. I wanted to sleep all day but somehow I just kept going. My last ride, Sevilla – Granada, was the first one ever to be ready to pick us up before the actual time. It is not common in Spain. Seville is really pretty but huge and definitely too overcrowded for me.


Trip to West-Andalusia: Day 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a really good sleep in the hostel and spend my time there until the last moment. I took time to make spots on the map I got, so I don’t have to use my phone for directions and be without it when I get to the next place. I wanted to have churros for breakfast but the place they suggested was closed by 12, so I just bought some pastries from random store. But they were so good!! I ate them in Plaza España and then started my tourist day right there.


Cádiz is quite small and surrounded by the sea. I just fell in love with it in the first minute, I think. After the plaza, I walked on the city wall next to the ocean and just enjoyed the sound of the waves and warm sun touching my face. At some point I was even without my coat and just sweating because it was so warm! Like summer all over again.

Because of the holiday and siesta time, most public spaces were quite crowded but not too much. People were out with families, having drink, kids playing with other kids and just enjoying the lovely Sunday. When I got back to the Cathedral I started walking across the ocean again and also just enjoying myself being there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I got to Puertas de Tierra, then I dicovered that it is not popular to go there at all. I was the only one walking on the walls and watching the views there. This wall also kind of seperates the newer part of the city. Because on the other side of the wall it is more just places to live. I ended my tourist round at the beach, writing postcards and enjoying the sunset. Also on the last moment I went to see Castillo de San Sebastián. Only a little road took there.


I have to say that this is the city everyone should definitely visit during their lifetime. It is in my favourites cities list – with all the warmth, ocean and really nice welcoming people.


After half an hour charging my phone, I got another BlaBlaCar to get to Sevilla for the night and the next day. It was around 9pm when I was walking to my hostel and people were just partying on the streets. It definitely looked like it is a holiday in Spain! My hostel was quite next to Cathedral which was really convenient. And it was quite high-tech. No key-cards and automatic lights in the room. Instead of the key-card you give your fingerprint and you can access your room with that. Quite good if you want to go out at night and should get too wasted or be quite prone to lose things.


Overall, the day was super good and totally worth the travel I had the day before. There is also video coming one day about my trip, my it is taking too much time to edit it and I am just learning the program to edit it.


Trip to West-Andalusia: Day 1

Because of the long weekend we get thanks to Spanish holidays (Constitution day 6.12 & Immaculate Conception 8.12), OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to see some more far away cities. So my trip was to Cádiz, Huelva and Sevilla. So let’s start from the first day.

I woke up really early because I planned to get to Cadiz or Huelva by BlaBlaCar (getting ride with people who have a free seat in the car, similar to Lyft, Uber or Hopp in Estonia). But the ride I tried to book didn’t answer so I had to look up alternatives. And I ended up going to Huelva first for few hours. It was 2 Spanish ladies with a pug. I slept half of the way.

Huelva is quite small and really quiet. Because of siesta, most of the stores were closed but there wasn’t any people even on the streets eating or just enjoying themselves. I found this city a bit boring. But at least it was really warm and I could walk around without my coat.

For the night I had to get to Cadiz, and there was only one ride going. BUT 10 minutes after it was supposed to happen she canceled. So I spent half an hour finding new ride. Which meant I had first get to Sevilla and then from there to Cadiz. The guy who took me to Seville drove with 160 km/h most of the way (the limit is 120). Also I hadn’t eaten all day basically, so I was fighting with the feeling of throwing up all the way to Sevilla.

But I needed to get fast to Seville, so I didn’t want to say anything. I spent half an hour in the bus station  just watching people because my phone was near for dying and I needed it to get to my hostel.

Ride to San Fernando (little city in front of Cadiz) was quite nice, except little accident where one guy almost drove into us and the driver was swearing in Spanish. He was a nice guy who was definitely into heavy metal music according to his style. On the way there my phone died. I didn’t know how to get to Cadiz and it was around 21.

I asked people in the bus stop, they said the bus takes there on the other side of the rode and when one bus came they screamed that I should ask the driver. The bus driver  was really nice and said if I don’t know whereto get off then at least go the last stop because it is just few minute walk away from the right stop. But the thing was that I didn’t know where my hostel was. I remembered a little bit the position on the map, so I started going with my logic. I turned to random streets and when I was almost on the way to random hotel to ask directions, I spotted my hostel sign – CadizInn.

The hostel was small but really nice. The staff who worked were all really happy all the time. In the end of the day I felt that the whole day full of drama to get there was just so worth it! I was exhausted but really happy!

The sunrise of Granada

I am seriously not a sunrise person. I usually can’t get up so early and because it is the coldest hour right before sunset then I just want to stay in my bed where it is warm and cozy.

The other day when we were randomly walking the dog 2am we had brilliant idea to go see the sunrise in 5 hours. So we woke up at 7 something and walked 20 minutes up the Albayzin. It doesn’t give so big color show as sunset but it is still nice to see how city is slowly waking up (even though people are just going to sleep after long party). I wished I had some hot coffee or cocoa with me.