The Big Apology

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are so many reasons why I haven’t had another post for a while. And I am truly sorry for that. I am not gonna tell all the specifics why, but let’s just say that there’s been personal matters, post-Erasmus depression, cultural shock etc. Many-many things which all led to not want to write another post. Now I am finally ready for it. Soon I will have a post about my whole experience being Erasmus and some other posts. But some updates I have done so far, for s month and a half.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe main thing – ESN! That has been literally saving my life right now. I would still be gone if I wouldn’t go to the meetings and try to be active again. I have a goal for the next year and right now I am just working on it. I’ve calmed down a bit, I still go the events but I also let new members to do a lot. Last year I was trying to help everywhere, this year I go for deeper help. Right now I am one of the helpers for our event manager, and also taking part of some projects. I am also organizing one big event for beginning of May, but about that you will hear more at some point.

Also as usual, getting together with friends. Obviously there’s a lot of catching up to do. Also some long-distance friends have visited Tartu lately, so I’ve been getting coffee with them. It is really good to see my old friends and spend some quality time with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I’ve done some short time work, for few days. Just to get some extra money which all goes to my traveling account. Next to all that I have settled in my new apartment which I’m sharing with two foreign guys. After living with girls for half a year it took some time to get used to the calmness and having a lot of privacy. Sometimes I miss my old flatmates but same time it is good to live with guys again.

And of course, I have been to my parent’s place in Rakvere. Last time was for Easter last weekend, and it was weirdly cool to have the whole family together. But as it is total spring in Tartu then there it was still winter. Snow everywhere but at least it so warm during the day that it is finally melting.


El Paso. Part III.

12591994_10205956595657905_394895998_o-5First weekend in 2016 we went to our friend going away party as he moved to another state. His whole family and relatives were there, so we just talked until they surprised him with mariachis. They sang, they danced and it all was going on for over an hour I think. It felt like they will never stop. I even got into dancing and showing my Mexican side (which I am not, but I picked up everything really fast).

His family was really really nice and I enjoyed experiencing all these traditions in person. Also I got to try menudo, which is really spicy Mexican soup. As I am not at hello with spiciness, then I took forever to finish my bowl until one point I just gave it to my friend. But it was really good! If only I could enjoy spices more.

12631095_10205956598737982_2003914623_o-1As winter goes, then ice-skating is something you should do every winter. So we went to the big skating place with Stephen’s brother and his girlfriend. It was quite crowded, but it was empty according to normal. As I am always rubbish the first time in the beginning then after time I got more confidence and were trying to learn something new. At the break we also got some hot cocoa and a churro, which reminds me that Mexican churros are so much sweeter and don’t need chocolate with it to be sweet.

As his other brother came with his girlfriend on Wednesday then the house got quite crowded. We went to eat pizzas at Peter Piper Pizza and as they also have a game machine corner then after eating we bought a lot of chips to play with. And with all the points we won with the big group everybody bought something. After seeing the new Sherlock episode at movies we headed home to play board games. Also the next morning when I was supposed to study I decided to join in playing games as I won’t get to do it for a long time after leaving anyways.

The other day after his work we went with the whole family to his father’s house and also played board games and talked. It is always weird when people get curious about Estonia. I don’t know what to say about. At least Stephen helped me out a bit as he has lived there and seen stuff.

12443517_10205879895420447_1036779048_o-2The next day we went ice-skating again, this time with the other side of the family. As most of them were really beginners and moved quite slowly and I was getting a lot better this time then I enjoyed learning and trying new stuff. Although this time it was quite overcrowded for me. Sometime it was impossible to get past group of people. After long fast-food dinner we went back to play some board games again. This time we played his mother’s new Bingo she got for Christmas and Life. We didn’t have enough loans to have 7 players, so Stephen joined to my life journey and we had this whole story of how we met after college and got married and everything. I was a doctor and he was a handsome rock-star.

On the last day we went to see sunset one more time. And also to see the city in lights. This time as it was cloudy, the sunset was amazing! I think it was one of the most incredible ones I’ve ever seen. The city is famous for them, and I can totally understand why.


12562638_10205888846284213_368532887_o-8On the very very last day I just packed my stuff and sent my postcards and had some last looks on the city. I think it was the saddest day in a really long time. At least up to this point it was. As my flight got delayed, we had some time at the airport. We were just doing some silly Snapchats.

On my first flight I was sitting next to window, so I also got a chance to take some pictures of Phoenix. I couldn’t get any of El Paso because mostly I could only see Mexico from there. And then the other 30 hour trip back was just tiring. Although I was watching Star Wars 1-3 on the plane. Being back in Granada felt weird and also I was super jet lagged.

Not 21 forever

I’ve been 22 already for a week. Usually I haveIMG_5211-2 a party in my sauna-house with my friends but this year it was different. Obviously because I was in Spain. Because of the weather it didn’t even feel like it is December and time for my birthday.

So this year I had just tapas with my flatmates and few new friends and then we headed home to eat birthday cake. It was really lovely and calm. In the morning (what morning?! it was like 3pm)  I went to eat churros with chocolate. Really lazy and calm birthday, but I kind of liked it because it was good to have something different for once.


Photoshoot with flatmates

My Spanish flatmate bought a new camera and so we went to the park to make some cool photos with it. We are all just learning the camera, so they are nothing professional. Just had a bit fun in the park. Also the dog went crazy, he just jumped to the river and regretted it in a second because the water was really cold and he ended up really dirty.


On the halfway

From the lowest point you can only go higher…

Week has been really slow and lazy. I finally got enrolled to my classes and discovered how slow and stupidly slow everything is. I’ve been here 3 weeks and we still don’t have Internet. I’m losing hope about it already.

I decided to take less classes so I could focus on them more. It means that I can’t fail any subjects. For your information: ALL CLASSES are in Spanish! People always ask it, so now it is out and clear. And no, I don’t speak Spanish yet. My classes for Spanish start next week. so hopefully I will get better soon. I start from A2+ which is a surprise for me. I thought I was A1 level, but I already picked up enough Spanish to get higher level. 
My flatmates are really lovely. One of them really likes cooking and baking, so quite often I don’t have to care about getting food myself. I like them even though I sometimes feel like quite Estonian and just want to have my privacy and have my own lazy time alone.
And I also decorated my room with pictures so I would feel a bit more home and have more motivation to keep on going.

I will end my meaningless post here and will write better stuff next time 😉

Hola Granada! Hola España!

So I have spent here a week. I don’t have internet at home yet so I’ve used a bit internet on my phone and then using internet from the little square downstairs.
I have to be honest, this is the biggest challenge I ever took for myself and my week has been mix of emotions. I love the city, it is super beautiful and everything looks amazing. Just walking around the city feels like vacation. I live in the center and it is 10 minutes to my faculty but I will take classes from different ones.
I live with 2 British girls and 1 Spanish girl. Everyone got their own room and and our apartment is super nice. Little balconies basically in every room and we have almost everything we need.
I have been too lazy here so I haven’t seen most of the city yet. But I have been out in the evening. People here go to clubs like 2-3 am and get home like 7 am. Parties are crazy here. I am not the club person but the main club is huge and has 3-4 dance floors. And every time I get there it is confusing. It changes all the time.
Finally I did a bit exploring to some parts of the city. Not much but at least a beginning.
Also classes will start tomorrow and I am not ready for that at all. They will all be in Spanish and this is.. well, quite bad. But hopefully I will manage as I always do.