South-Estonia | Part II

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANice little breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. Not too much, not too less. Enough variety of food and all I could want in the morning. Stomach’s full and the trip starts again. First stop – Väimela manor. Old manor that needs a hand for rebuilding. It could be a great and beautiful place but time has done its job.

Next up – Tamme-Lauri oak – the thickest tree in Estonia. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsed to be oldest also but they discovered an older one. So with 17 meters (56 ft) high and circumference is 831 cm (327 in) it feel like an ant to be under it. It is really huge and amazing how big it can be. And it is around 700 years old.

Cool fact: when we still had kroons, it was on the back of the 10 kroon bill.

Then we found another National Geographic’s yellow window in Urvaste with a view toOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Urvaste church. After that we made our way to Pühajärve and walked in the park to find Pühajärve oak of war. It got damaged a lot
in 2010, so it doesn’t look so good anymore and it will its time soon. It is 300-400 year old around 7 m in circumference.

As it is not summer yet then some cool thing we wanted to visit in Otepää were closed then only went to see the yellow window there. But we will be back for the action! Before going for the hike we also visited Cantervilla castle which is famous for the weddings. It is also a hotel and should be open everyday then somehow it was totally closed on the day we got there. No sign, nothing. The castle itself looked beautiful but hopefully some other day we will be more lucky. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So for the hike we went! First up was a warm up in Pangodi where there is a nice picnic ground and a little walk around the area. After that came a real hike – in Elva-Vitipalu – track called Viti lake hiking trail (Viti jätje matkarada)! First we had a lot of trouble finding the right place where the track starts. But when we finally got on the way it was good and sporty road in the forest. On the way we visited Viti lake and Vitipalu lookout tower. Estonia is beautiful!! On the way got lost, so instead of 2,3 km we did like 4 probably. Well, it was all good exercise and also had some great hills, so it wasn’t just plain walking.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Second and last hike was Vapramäe educational hiking trail. It had signs on the way and the road itself was really good, especially thinking it was beginning of April. So the trail itself is 3,5 km. We got really distracted on the way because at some point we were walking along the river and on the other side the had those beautiful houses and one complex was so huge and pretty that we tried to think what was the story with it. It turned out to be trout catching place that also has party rooms and other things.

So we ended our big trip with out 5th yellow window – Tartu observatory. After long 2 days we washed the car and got home. We were happy to get home, same time really happy that we took this trip! I’ve never thought that Estonia is beautiful and since last year I have started to discover how magical Estonia actually is. So this trip was total proof of magical nature in Estonia! Even when the trees don’t have leaves yet and everything is quite brown then hiking trough woods and driving trough little villages will show the beauty of Estonia!!


South-Estonia | Part I

As my sister has a car for some time already then we decided that we can start exploring Estonia. So this time we took a little tour to the south. First to even know where to go then it took me few hours to track down all the sights, nature parks, bogs and also yellow National Geographic’s windows. As we had two day then we only took a part of it for a route. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After a good gas station hot dog we drove on the route. We had some complications in the first few destinations as they just were closed because it was Saturday or they weren’t something we were looking for. But at least we already got to see the nature. Also I got to drive, so I was really happy because I hadn’t driven for 8 months.

So the first official stop was Valgesoo bog area. The hiking trail is 2 km and has one of those yellow windows on the way. Also half of the trail is with planks as it is on the bog. Half is through the woods. Good hike with any weather and such a beautiful area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext on the way was Kiidjärve hiking trails. We wanted to do 2,5 km one but on the spot the map showed something weird and we did a bit over 1 km I think. Although the forest is great, has educational signs on the way and half of the road is by the river with beautiful views. Also has some hills, so it is a bit better than usual dull Estonian landscape. Already good for hike in April, the roads were quite dry and most of the snow was melted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe last hiking trail on this day was in Taevaskoda. The trail is 3 km + extra workout if you go up the Big Taevaskoda which has around 155 steps to get up there. On the way the nature is just amazing, starting with the little lake with Lonny harbor that was also used in the old Estonian movie called Viimne reliikvia (“The last relic”). If you ever find yourself going to South-Estonia then it is totally in the must-visit list.

We ended our trip with the second yellow window in front of Maanteemuuseum (Road Museum) but we plan to go back there at one point when it is open. We were just really late on that day to visit it. I have been there few years ago and this place is really cool! The very last spot was Georgi hotell. It is a new smart hotel in the old manor. Totally worth the stay! Rooms are spacious, comfy and really modern! The smart thing was a little technology device on the wall where we could regulate temperature, lights and stuff like that. Also some ligths were activated when you move. I really liked the hotel! And it is in the center of Võru, so you can visit the town all around really easily.