February Air

As most of you know then I am totally into any kind of rock music. It is my vibe and fits my mood the best. Even the heavy metal rock is sometimes really good. Although I usually listen to alternative rock. 
One thing I don’t like about Estonian radios is that we don’t have a rock radio here. Most of them are pop-club stations. So as I was really lucky I downloaded I Heart Radio app in the states and now I can listen to a lot of stations from there.

So I thought that I will share some of my favorites right now. The first one is not actually rock but one of my friends introduced me to this artist and she is really cool. And the last on if just a really beautiful song I am enjoying right now . 

Enjoy my vibe 😉

January & Huskies

I suck at blogging right now. I’m really sorry. I have some ideas and then I turn into the laziest person ever 🙂
But other than that: what I have done in January?
Firstly, half of the month I spent time with my lovely school exams. I am super happy that I passed them all and I don’t have to do anything again next year. I was already ready to do one or two of them again. 

My flatmate had a birthday and had a party for it. My room is bigger and I have a couch so party was going on in my room basically. It was a looong gathering. I went to sleep at 7.30am and had to woke up at 11 already to clean a bit before my landlord comes to fix some things. But it was fun!

And I spent quite a lot of time with N, my Italian friend. He came back for few weeks and so we had to catch up, then I helped him get the keys to the new apartment and helped him move there and then host him in Tartu, party with him and then have a last meal and coffee with him before he left to Italy. He will hopefully be back in few weeks and then for months.

As usually I visited my parents. I went to see Marek Sadam & Tõnu Laikre with my sister in a new bar in Rakvere called 10 Trummi. I had forgotten how good they are and I really enjoyed the concert. And this place is really good. I like it and I like that there are new things coming in this city.
And the most exiting was a ride with huskies! They were super cute! I thought the ride was gonna be faster but it was still awesome. 

Not much about my month but it is still a quick overlook of it. I have some new ideas to make posts a bit different and not keep it only as a everyday(month) blog. But we will see about that, I can’t promise anything. Laters! Mwah!