One day trip to Ronda with organization Best Life Experience. Ronda is a smaller city with 35,000 people and would be quite expensive to go alone. So this time I decided to go with an organization. Mostly from them was transport, little breakfast and maps. And I hate exploring with big groups.
So we started together with the group on Puente Nuevo, and moved on really slow. And after visiting The Palace of the Moorish King and the Water Mine (Palacio del Rey Moro y la Mina) we(me and 2 Germans) took off to explore everything. By the way, the mine was really cool. It was around 175 steps to go down, but in the end you reach a little terrace kind of thing outside on top the river. And the view is breathtaking.
We head back to see some souvenir shops and found a really really long main shopping street. It was already around siesta time so most of the places were closing doors. We had lunch almost end of the street in a quite low-quality restaurant but at least I got my stomach filled.
Continued our exploring to Jardines de Cuenca where I would spend a lot of time if I would live in this city. From there on we just went on the road to see what else was marked on the map we got before. Thanks to that we found the way down the hill to the really good views to the waterfall. A little bit hiking down and later back also. But totally worth it!
We ended our trip slowly moving back through the city side with more breathtaking views and a really lovely park which showed that fall is coming finally.
If you ever get around Málaga then you definitely have to visit Ronda! You would never regret going there.