Trip to West-Andalusia: Day 1

Because of the long weekend we get thanks to Spanish holidays (Constitution day 6.12 & Immaculate Conception 8.12), OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to see some more far away cities. So my trip was to Cádiz, Huelva and Sevilla. So let’s start from the first day.

I woke up really early because I planned to get to Cadiz or Huelva by BlaBlaCar (getting ride with people who have a free seat in the car, similar to Lyft, Uber or Hopp in Estonia). But the ride I tried to book didn’t answer so I had to look up alternatives. And I ended up going to Huelva first for few hours. It was 2 Spanish ladies with a pug. I slept half of the way.

Huelva is quite small and really quiet. Because of siesta, most of the stores were closed but there wasn’t any people even on the streets eating or just enjoying themselves. I found this city a bit boring. But at least it was really warm and I could walk around without my coat.

For the night I had to get to Cadiz, and there was only one ride going. BUT 10 minutes after it was supposed to happen she canceled. So I spent half an hour finding new ride. Which meant I had first get to Sevilla and then from there to Cadiz. The guy who took me to Seville drove with 160 km/h most of the way (the limit is 120). Also I hadn’t eaten all day basically, so I was fighting with the feeling of throwing up all the way to Sevilla.

But I needed to get fast to Seville, so I didn’t want to say anything. I spent half an hour in the bus station  just watching people because my phone was near for dying and I needed it to get to my hostel.

Ride to San Fernando (little city in front of Cadiz) was quite nice, except little accident where one guy almost drove into us and the driver was swearing in Spanish. He was a nice guy who was definitely into heavy metal music according to his style. On the way there my phone died. I didn’t know how to get to Cadiz and it was around 21.

I asked people in the bus stop, they said the bus takes there on the other side of the rode and when one bus came they screamed that I should ask the driver. The bus driver  was really nice and said if I don’t know whereto get off then at least go the last stop because it is just few minute walk away from the right stop. But the thing was that I didn’t know where my hostel was. I remembered a little bit the position on the map, so I started going with my logic. I turned to random streets and when I was almost on the way to random hotel to ask directions, I spotted my hostel sign – CadizInn.

The hostel was small but really nice. The staff who worked were all really happy all the time. In the end of the day I felt that the whole day full of drama to get there was just so worth it! I was exhausted but really happy!