Not 21 forever

I’ve been 22 already for a week. Usually I haveIMG_5211-2 a party in my sauna-house with my friends but this year it was different. Obviously because I was in Spain. Because of the weather it didn’t even feel like it is December and time for my birthday.

So this year I had just tapas with my flatmates and few new friends and then we headed home to eat birthday cake. It was really lovely and calm. In the morning (what morning?! it was like 3pm)  I went to eat churros with chocolate. Really lazy and calm birthday, but I kind of liked it because it was good to have something different for once.


Photoshoot with flatmates

My Spanish flatmate bought a new camera and so we went to the park to make some cool photos with it. We are all just learning the camera, so they are nothing professional. Just had a bit fun in the park. Also the dog went crazy, he just jumped to the river and regretted it in a second because the water was really cold and he ended up really dirty.


The sunrise of Granada

I am seriously not a sunrise person. I usually can’t get up so early and because it is the coldest hour right before sunset then I just want to stay in my bed where it is warm and cozy.

The other day when we were randomly walking the dog 2am we had brilliant idea to go see the sunrise in 5 hours. So we woke up at 7 something and walked 20 minutes up the Albayzin. It doesn’t give so big color show as sunset but it is still nice to see how city is slowly waking up (even though people are just going to sleep after long party). I wished I had some hot coffee or cocoa with me.



Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex in Granada. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spain. So visiting it was only question of time. Now it is done.

It is amazingly beautiful and huge. I never imagined it was so big. And one day I will come back here to visit it in Spring/Summer time when everything in the gardens are blooming. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it will be. So here are some pictures in Alhambra:

Sunsets of Granada

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone to see the sunset 4 times. 3 of them near Ermita de San Miguel el Alto and for the last one I went for a hike to Llano de la Perdiz. You probably already know that sunset is one of my most favourite things.

1) So the first place is really easy to reach. From the city center it takes around 30 minutes to get through the Albayzin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is all up to the hill but the moment you see the view you forget how out of breath you felt before. You can enjoy the view with random people on the old building’s terrace or stay a bit more down, sit on a grass and enjoy your own company (alone, with friends or with your other half).

If you’re not in the hurry then enjoy the view also after the sunset to see the sky getting darker in every minute and city turning on the lights. It is especially good view to Alhambra.

2) Llano de la Perdiz – mostly visited by bikers and easily accessed by car. I have none of them so I decided to hike up there. And probably I was the only one. Although on the way back I saw a big group who looked like OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhikers.

So the hike up there took me about an hour and a half. Could have gone faster but I enjoyed the views and in the end I was looking for a good place for the sunset. I found a place near suggested place that showed on a map on the place. I climbed a bit down the hill and had privacy to enjoy my own company and sunset. And I have to say that from this point the sun looked huge!


Only thing is that I forgot how fast it gets dark after sunset. So most of the way back I was walking in darkness. I could see a bit but it was a little scary.

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Strolls around Granada

All the cities of Spain are just breathtakingly beautiful -white houses, old structures, small street and views from some higher point. Granada is full of beauty and everywhere you can find something to look at. So at some days I just try to go to places I haven’t been yet to discover more of its beauty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo on Monday I dragged girls to the Granada cemetery with me. Because of the Día de todos los Santos locals go there to put flowers on the graves and it has a lot of sculptures. It is full of history.

On the way back we went up from random stairs and it turned out to be some kind of garden of olive trees. Really random place for just a really good view to the mountains and the nature.

And one other day I went to discover what is going on up on the hill where I’ve always seen people. I wasn’t even thinking when I started going but it was the time for sunset. So by the time I got up there it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen. And I love sunsets!


Sunday explorer

Internet! FINALLY! I feel like in a civilization again. Haha, just kidding. But it is good to have it at home.
My Spanish class is really cool. Our group is 7 people. And it is really good to finally try to talk with people who are also scared to talk or are not the best ones in it. I finally feel that I am learning something. And the view is from on top of the house where I have my Spanish class.
Also I had a really cool experience in the practice class. We were doing some stuff in Excel that here is in Spanish obviously. And for me it is just super easy. So I was trying to help girls next to me, in Spanish without knowing any expressions in Spanish I needed to use. And then I had to get help with my really bad Spanish because I couldn’t log in to some place to take a test. And I somehow managed it! Really proud of myself.
We are having a long weekend here because it is Fiesta Nacional de España here. So no school today. The last two day we have been exploring. First day we went to Albayzin again and later I went a bit north of the city to find one really huge Chinese shop to but some useful stuff for my room. Need to go back there though. 

And on Sunday we went to find gipsy caves which we never found. Need to google them more a bit. But we had quite a healthy walk. On the way back we visited Monastery which was closing in 15 minutes so they didn’t let anybody in anymore. But all the views are just breathtaking. Makes me want to explore around more.

On the halfway

From the lowest point you can only go higher…

Week has been really slow and lazy. I finally got enrolled to my classes and discovered how slow and stupidly slow everything is. I’ve been here 3 weeks and we still don’t have Internet. I’m losing hope about it already.

I decided to take less classes so I could focus on them more. It means that I can’t fail any subjects. For your information: ALL CLASSES are in Spanish! People always ask it, so now it is out and clear. And no, I don’t speak Spanish yet. My classes for Spanish start next week. so hopefully I will get better soon. I start from A2+ which is a surprise for me. I thought I was A1 level, but I already picked up enough Spanish to get higher level. 
My flatmates are really lovely. One of them really likes cooking and baking, so quite often I don’t have to care about getting food myself. I like them even though I sometimes feel like quite Estonian and just want to have my privacy and have my own lazy time alone.
And I also decorated my room with pictures so I would feel a bit more home and have more motivation to keep on going.

I will end my meaningless post here and will write better stuff next time 😉

Bs be tripping

I still don’t have internet at home. If everything goes well then hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been traveling and exploring a bit.
It is higher part of the city where you can see the most of the city and also you get an amazing view to Alhambra. 
We went there for a day. Started off really early in the morning but also the bus is like 2 hours. I was responsible for the cultural part of the trip. So we went to see the cathedral, Alcazaba, viewing point on the hill and after beach we also went to Museum of Picasso. It was really hot and being there felt like total summer break.
Los Cahorros (Monachil) and Guejar Sierra
It was organized trip to the mountains that we have right here. First place has a hiking track. It went by the river and sometimes we had to crawl under the rocks to get past them. I really liked the little adventure.
After the hike it got annoying because we went back the same way, so we were blocking everybodys way on the trail. We were just tired and wanted home but we also had to go to some lake. The lake itself looked beatuiful, blue-blue water. But everything around it was black and full of mud. So on the way there our shows got wet, covered in mud and after that also dust on it. There wasn’t any usual place for sitting and enjoying the lakeside. And we actually couldn’t even go swimming.
We came away when it started raining and then had to wait another hour to get away because the busdriver was away somewhere.
I just hope to go to the mountains again one day and explore around most of the day. 

Hola Granada! Hola España!

So I have spent here a week. I don’t have internet at home yet so I’ve used a bit internet on my phone and then using internet from the little square downstairs.
I have to be honest, this is the biggest challenge I ever took for myself and my week has been mix of emotions. I love the city, it is super beautiful and everything looks amazing. Just walking around the city feels like vacation. I live in the center and it is 10 minutes to my faculty but I will take classes from different ones.
I live with 2 British girls and 1 Spanish girl. Everyone got their own room and and our apartment is super nice. Little balconies basically in every room and we have almost everything we need.
I have been too lazy here so I haven’t seen most of the city yet. But I have been out in the evening. People here go to clubs like 2-3 am and get home like 7 am. Parties are crazy here. I am not the club person but the main club is huge and has 3-4 dance floors. And every time I get there it is confusing. It changes all the time.
Finally I did a bit exploring to some parts of the city. Not much but at least a beginning.
Also classes will start tomorrow and I am not ready for that at all. They will all be in Spanish and this is.. well, quite bad. But hopefully I will manage as I always do.