February update

February is the shortest month but the busiest so far. So what all I have done? Almost everything!? Let’s see:

It all started with being a tutor to new international students for spring semester. One official lunch with my group(max 10 people) turned out being tutor for around 20-30 people and having fun events for every other night. And with all those nights I have experienced things I couldn’t imagine. A few bigger events – Pub Crawl, ESN Welcome Party, watching Oscars all night(got to bed 8am), Polish Vodka Party and all the other night which usually ended up in Rüütli 😉
Addition to that, I joined ESN which gives me opportunity to spend more time with them while being useful and developing my organizing skills. 

I have spent some time with my lovely friend J, having pancakes on Sundays and having internet-study-chat sessions. And we went out on Valentine’s day with Stina to see the scandal movie about Gray. Funniest porn ever.
And my 2 best friend had a bdays, so I had 2 celebrations to attend. Both of them ended up unexpectedly for me, the last crazier than the first. And one of the friends ended up with a new boyfriend. 

And the most exiting was that few friends from America came to visit Estonia and lovely girls who were there this summer. It was so good to get the right vibe from them. I really miss my home more. With them we had lovely eat outs, visited Tallinn TV Tower, traveled to Viljandi and enjoyed the lovely concert from MP3 (Mattias Perez Trio). I already miss them and the summer. 
Basically this month has been going busier and busier every day. Like last week and a half of the month I didn’t have time for myself at least for 2 hours at all. Always something going on. Managed even to avoid FB for 2 days. But I’m happy and life is still beautiful 🙂