Make a change


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

– Robert Frost

I somehow have always been a person who like things or does things that most of people don’t. I could call myself hipster but I really don’t like this term and this term is just more for a show-off. Me being different is one of the reasons why sometimes I find it hard to make friends.

But making a change in your life is worth it. Whenever you feel like something is missing (I want something more from my life; Have I done everything I can?) then stop thinking about it! Do it! It is never too late. Some people don’t find they life purpose until their 30s. It is totally okay until you’re happy with it.

I have to admit that me going to America was running away from the current life I had back then. I felt trapped and this opportunity came at the right time. I went to San Diego because most people went to Hawaii, and didn’t like it in a second when I heard it. So it gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of locals and start loving that country. Which now I want to be my future. After spending few months in Spain I now where my home for many years will be. It is because that I felt home there in a day. And it hasn’t happen here in Spain with two months.

So making this little change in my life over a year ago has made a huge difference to my future. We need to take the opportunities and not over-analyse it until the chance is over. Even if we fail, it is worth it. We learn so much more!

Where is home?

Already years I have had many different places that I call home – parents place, ex-boyfriend’s apartment, my apartment in Tartu, house in San Diego, dormitory rooms 310-312 and now I have to call my Granada flat home.

I like traveling too much to have a constant place to call home. I am not calling the place I grew up home because I don’t spend a lot time there anymore and it doesn’t feel like my home to me anymore. I don’t own a place in Tartu anymore because I moved to Granada. And I won’t be here forever so soon I need to find a new home.

DSC_5083 (2)What makes a place home for me? Place where I feel safe, I feel I belong there, I can feel comfortable anytime and definitely where my bed feels too comfortable to get out of it. The most makes the people who I am living with. I wasn’t feeling like home for a while in my Tartu apartment but when one of my friends moved in it felt home again. Even though it was a mess because all those things couldn’t fit in this tiny apartment and we had to pack everything up soon again. But it was home. 

So it doesn’t matter where I end up or where my final home will be. If there are people who love me and I love and big comfy bed with a lots of pillows – I am home!

Things I’ve Learned

We learn new things almost every day. Here are some things that have given my life a push to some new direction or just showed me who I really am.IMGP6535-2

I’ve learned:

  • that love comes unexpected;
  • that not all things last;
  • that challenges are there to beat them;
  • to not give up on things that matter;
  • to be patient;
  • that there is so much beauty in the World;
  • that sometimes being lazy is OK;
  • that sometimes I am really stereotypical Estonian;
  • that things change;
  • and sometimes it is good to have a change.