El Paso. Part I.

I am an horrible blog keeper right now. As I was in El Paso for 3 weeks for my holiday vacation then I was more enjoying my time more than thinking about my blog. And when I got back I didn’t bother to write as I wanted to have it only for myself for a while.12438844_10205781292355432_1187034367_o-1

So, let’s start from the beginning. It all started with 32 hour travel from Madrid. With 4 planes to totally different parts of the World. And as I was expecting then I was too exited to get there that I couldn’t sleep so much, only few hours 12463544_10205824280270103_961606126_n-3in total. So I just watched quite a lot of movies on the planes or just spending time trying to fall asleep.

The funny thing is that as soon as I was on American ground I felt much more home than I ever have in Spain. So I am pretty sure that America is my second home and a huge possibility for the future.12442994_10205824279870093_402804470_n-2

So to get full Texas experience on the first day we went shooting. Never done it with actual guns and in the shooting range. I’ve only done it at home with an airgun. I can say that headphones are essential to wear but the most annoying thing while wearing protection glasses. And as a beginners luck, I was shooting even better than Stephen at this day.

Second big thing is sunsets. El Paso is famous for it. So up we went to Scenic Drive to see. But as it wasn’t any cloudy then it was more of a normal sunrise. But from up there we could also see most of the city. Locals are so used to the city and they say it’s boring there but I could only see beauty and awesomeness.

Other day he showed me around UTEP (The Univesrity of Texas at El Paso) campus. The campus is huge. The univesity library has the World’s largest book which is 130 pounds (around 60kg) and size of 5-by-7 feet (1,5-by-2,1 m). It 114 pages and needs two people to turn the page. The whole campus is in Bhutanese style. I kind of can’t get over how big the whole campus was. It took a while to see most of it, because we also went inside of some buildings.

That’s the first part. As it was my vacation then most of the time I just relaxed. I didn’t rush through places like I usually do because I have only one day to explore. Be tuned for the next part 😉

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