Trip to West-Andalusia: Day 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a really good sleep in the hostel and spend my time there until the last moment. I took time to make spots on the map I got, so I don’t have to use my phone for directions and be without it when I get to the next place. I wanted to have churros for breakfast but the place they suggested was closed by 12, so I just bought some pastries from random store. But they were so good!! I ate them in Plaza España and then started my tourist day right there.


Cádiz is quite small and surrounded by the sea. I just fell in love with it in the first minute, I think. After the plaza, I walked on the city wall next to the ocean and just enjoyed the sound of the waves and warm sun touching my face. At some point I was even without my coat and just sweating because it was so warm! Like summer all over again.

Because of the holiday and siesta time, most public spaces were quite crowded but not too much. People were out with families, having drink, kids playing with other kids and just enjoying the lovely Sunday. When I got back to the Cathedral I started walking across the ocean again and also just enjoying myself being there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I got to Puertas de Tierra, then I dicovered that it is not popular to go there at all. I was the only one walking on the walls and watching the views there. This wall also kind of seperates the newer part of the city. Because on the other side of the wall it is more just places to live. I ended my tourist round at the beach, writing postcards and enjoying the sunset. Also on the last moment I went to see Castillo de San Sebastián. Only a little road took there.


I have to say that this is the city everyone should definitely visit during their lifetime. It is in my favourites cities list – with all the warmth, ocean and really nice welcoming people.


After half an hour charging my phone, I got another BlaBlaCar to get to Sevilla for the night and the next day. It was around 9pm when I was walking to my hostel and people were just partying on the streets. It definitely looked like it is a holiday in Spain! My hostel was quite next to Cathedral which was really convenient. And it was quite high-tech. No key-cards and automatic lights in the room. Instead of the key-card you give your fingerprint and you can access your room with that. Quite good if you want to go out at night and should get too wasted or be quite prone to lose things.


Overall, the day was super good and totally worth the travel I had the day before. There is also video coming one day about my trip, my it is taking too much time to edit it and I am just learning the program to edit it.


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