Alcalá la Real & Montefrío

So this week I went on a trip with Erasmus Friends. First organized trip in Spain! And if I say organized I mean we know what we are doing, where we should be by what time and we actually get some history about the places. Same time it waOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs super chill. We had time to relax but at the same time we saw everything we needed to see.

So both of those cities are really small. One of them is located in the province of Jaén and other one in the province of Granada. Bus ride was fast and our first stop was Forteleza La Mota in Alcalá la Real. Most of it had been destroyed during different times and wars. So only few building were still up. We got a little history video in the destroyed church. All the old walls and building foundations were there to see how the fortress looked like. The views were great and you could see the whole city from there.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a nice history visit we went to get our lunch. We went to this really nice place called El Lagar de Los Vinos. It is an old winery turned into a bar and had machines all over the place. Also had big barrels which are storing the annual harvest. So we had some really good quality wine, cheese, 4-different hams, olives, chips and potatoes with mayo. I really recommend going there if you ever should visit this little city.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So feeling all siesta after a good meal we visited a local museum and took off to Montefrío. This city is even smaller. With 10 minutes we were on top of the hill to see the church/castle Iglesia de la Villa and had a really nice view to the whole city.

Our last stop was Mirador de Montefrío where we could watch all the colors of sunset on the city while listening to some guitar music by one of the organizers.

It is crazy how big temperature difference there is between the day and night. In the daytime I could walk with only my t-shirt but at night I needed a hoodie and a leather jacket to keep myself warm. Really unusual in November for me. I could go sunbathing in November here.



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