Where is home?

Already years I have had many different places that I call home – parents place, ex-boyfriend’s apartment, my apartment in Tartu, house in San Diego, dormitory rooms 310-312 and now I have to call my Granada flat home.

I like traveling too much to have a constant place to call home. I am not calling the place I grew up home because I don’t spend a lot time there anymore and it doesn’t feel like my home to me anymore. I don’t own a place in Tartu anymore because I moved to Granada. And I won’t be here forever so soon I need to find a new home.

DSC_5083 (2)What makes a place home for me? Place where I feel safe, I feel I belong there, I can feel comfortable anytime and definitely where my bed feels too comfortable to get out of it. The most makes the people who I am living with. I wasn’t feeling like home for a while in my Tartu apartment but when one of my friends moved in it felt home again. Even though it was a mess because all those things couldn’t fit in this tiny apartment and we had to pack everything up soon again. But it was home. 

So it doesn’t matter where I end up or where my final home will be. If there are people who love me and I love and big comfy bed with a lots of pillows – I am home!

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