Things I miss from Estonia

I have to be honest, I am not so much missing Estonia (same as when I was in America) but there are just some certain things that over I time wish I could go buy from a store or go somewhere.

Kohuke. What a surprise, right? In English you can call it glazed curd bar. Doesn’t sound so good at all. Right now I would have one with cherry jam or my favourite – with jam and cookie.

Fast food – Chuck fries, Metro sandwich, Fasters chicken-feta wrap. Things I like having at night before heading home. Also there is no fast food places open at night. Only some Chinese shops or something.

Kalev chocolate. The best in the world for me. Milk chocolate with nuts… Mmmm…

My blanket. Here I have a small one person blanket. I miss my big one so I could wrap myself in and be a burrito.

Sales. Here are sales only on specific times or really just few things. In Estonia I used to shop sale items all the time. Whatever the season or time it was there’s always a sale section.

E-Estonia and productivity. You never understand how lucky we are with all this development of IT in Estonia until you actually have lived somewhere else. Things are slow here, To get internet we waited over 3 weeks. 

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