Sunday explorer

Internet! FINALLY! I feel like in a civilization again. Haha, just kidding. But it is good to have it at home.
My Spanish class is really cool. Our group is 7 people. And it is really good to finally try to talk with people who are also scared to talk or are not the best ones in it. I finally feel that I am learning something. And the view is from on top of the house where I have my Spanish class.
Also I had a really cool experience in the practice class. We were doing some stuff in Excel that here is in Spanish obviously. And for me it is just super easy. So I was trying to help girls next to me, in Spanish without knowing any expressions in Spanish I needed to use. And then I had to get help with my really bad Spanish because I couldn’t log in to some place to take a test. And I somehow managed it! Really proud of myself.
We are having a long weekend here because it is Fiesta Nacional de España here. So no school today. The last two day we have been exploring. First day we went to Albayzin again and later I went a bit north of the city to find one really huge Chinese shop to but some useful stuff for my room. Need to go back there though. 

And on Sunday we went to find gipsy caves which we never found. Need to google them more a bit. But we had quite a healthy walk. On the way back we visited Monastery which was closing in 15 minutes so they didn’t let anybody in anymore. But all the views are just breathtaking. Makes me want to explore around more.

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