On the halfway

From the lowest point you can only go higher…

Week has been really slow and lazy. I finally got enrolled to my classes and discovered how slow and stupidly slow everything is. I’ve been here 3 weeks and we still don’t have Internet. I’m losing hope about it already.

I decided to take less classes so I could focus on them more. It means that I can’t fail any subjects. For your information: ALL CLASSES are in Spanish! People always ask it, so now it is out and clear. And no, I don’t speak Spanish yet. My classes for Spanish start next week. so hopefully I will get better soon. I start from A2+ which is a surprise for me. I thought I was A1 level, but I already picked up enough Spanish to get higher level. 
My flatmates are really lovely. One of them really likes cooking and baking, so quite often I don’t have to care about getting food myself. I like them even though I sometimes feel like quite Estonian and just want to have my privacy and have my own lazy time alone.
And I also decorated my room with pictures so I would feel a bit more home and have more motivation to keep on going.

I will end my meaningless post here and will write better stuff next time 😉

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