Hola Granada! Hola España!

So I have spent here a week. I don’t have internet at home yet so I’ve used a bit internet on my phone and then using internet from the little square downstairs.
I have to be honest, this is the biggest challenge I ever took for myself and my week has been mix of emotions. I love the city, it is super beautiful and everything looks amazing. Just walking around the city feels like vacation. I live in the center and it is 10 minutes to my faculty but I will take classes from different ones.
I live with 2 British girls and 1 Spanish girl. Everyone got their own room and and our apartment is super nice. Little balconies basically in every room and we have almost everything we need.
I have been too lazy here so I haven’t seen most of the city yet. But I have been out in the evening. People here go to clubs like 2-3 am and get home like 7 am. Parties are crazy here. I am not the club person but the main club is huge and has 3-4 dance floors. And every time I get there it is confusing. It changes all the time.
Finally I did a bit exploring to some parts of the city. Not much but at least a beginning.
Also classes will start tomorrow and I am not ready for that at all. They will all be in Spanish and this is.. well, quite bad. But hopefully I will manage as I always do.

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