Half a year

Okay, I am super sorry that I waited so long to update my blog but I was living one of my best times of my life and got super busy. 
I was planning to do little summary about every month I have missed here but I decided to just summarize everything since March and then do little posts about bigger stuff. I hope you are fine with it. 
So first of all, there has been too many events to even summarize. First I would also highlight some ESN events:  Karaoke (was one of my fears), Estonian National Evening(being a host first time, another fear), Pool Party, White T-shirt Party, Sea Battle, Jam Session, Bachelors Auction, Bike Trip, Estonian Wedding, Farewell Party. I basically went to every event possible. 

The most important thing about this semester was having friends who were like family. I even end up living in the dormitory for a while with them. All those parties, random drinking nights, breakfasts and everything else we got to do together until all the farewell parties until my own one a week ago. 

Also there was some other cool events I went to in the last semester: SpringCo with AIESEC, Hawaii Party, Spring Party, Öölaulupidu, Möku’s closing, Sauna party, trip to Tallinn and Helsinki, mott for ESN, spa trip to Võru with my sister + all the most horrible parties at the club which we always went to. 
The summer was a bit more relax and more about just enjoying free time. In the beginning I was a bit busy with my AIESEC project and also being sick. Also I had big Midsummer’s Eve party at my parent’s place. We also managed to enjoy some cool festivals like Seto Folk, Õllesummer, Hanseatic Day, Viru Folk(I was actually working there) and Ööjooks(cheering for my sister).

I moved three times (to dorm, back to apartment, to parent’s place) and now the 4th time is on the way. End of July we traveled to Vienna and Bratislava(It will have post itself). And now the end of August I have been driving back and forth back to Tartu for tutor responsibilities, ESN PubCrawl and my own farewell party. 
So that’s the short summary about my past 6 moths. Check the next posts to get more details about some events 😉


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