After my birthday the holiday time started. I wasn’t worrying about my school anymore and I had time to relax finally. We made sushi with some friends which where super good!! And it probably was funniest sushi making ever! The next day I had tryout day for one bar-restaurant. It was busy night and I got a good training but in the end I still decided not to take this job. I just didn’t feel that I should be there right now.
In the weekend I went to Tallinn again to meet my friend before he is gonna go home for a few weeks. And played his secretary. I was helping to get him a new apartment and I did a good job 😉 Later I met with another friends and at some point it got crazy? I still don’t understand why some stuff happened.

And then we had a family vacation in Laulasmaa Spa. I’ve missed those places. I can’t even remember when was the last time. I should visit spas more often. And to end our trip we went to see Keila Waterfall and some relatives living nearby. After all that we went home to parents house where the real holiday time started – making gingerbreads, cleaning and decorating house, walking outside in the snow, playing computer games, wishing everybody happy holidays, visiting home town famous Christmas tree, letting my sister make my hair and the christmas lunch!! I was graving for the last one.

Even though it was really nice to do nothing and relax then it was so good to get back home to Tartu. Go out with my girlfriends and just talk with them. And missed my cat. He is just so cute and silly.
And now it is time to send off this year and celebrate the new one. For me it is just a one reason to have a party. I am not making any New Year’s resolutions, maybe only one or two. And it is that I will not stop being myself and will have more fun than this year. Tonight’s party will be a good conclusion about 2014 and a great beginning for 2015. But you will see it soon. I will make a post about my 2014 which will be so much better than making it in FB 😉

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