Catching up

OMG! It has been soooooo long. I am so so sorry. But I got a bit lazy and there wasn’t happening so much to blog about and you know how it goes. There just wasn’t the motivation. But as the new year is approaching then i should write what has happened in the old one. I will give few updates that has happened in short. 
First, most of my time was filled with school and avoiding it. I just didn’t feel so motivated to study for some time. I already had some exams and all this homework.. It just blew my mind!! But the harder exams are coming!
Second, I had family trip to Stockholm, Sweden. There was a storm on the sea, so first time in my life I was seasick and it was just awful. But the city is still so beautiful and I just love it. The next day I met one Italian guy(N.) in Tallinn who with these few months has become one of my really really good friends.

Third, my sister came to visit me. We made sushi and went to some Jazz event and the next day we visited Tartu Botanical Garden. Lovely relaxing weekend.

Fourth, in the middle of November I went to Tallinn. One of my girlfriends invited me to booksellers event which had an after-party in Vabank. There was a lot of people!! And we decided to get out. She ended up going home but I went to meet another friend and ended up her boyfriends place leaving 10 in the morning. I got like 3 hours to sleep and then decided that will be enough and went to meet with N. We went to Radisson and saw an amazing sunset. I didn’t know that Tallinn can be so beautiful. And never meet a friend with 3 hours sleep! It is hard to keep the conversation going when you your body is falling asleep!

Fifth, I had few more relaxing weeks in Tartu. Attended one board game night, trying weird turkish stuff. And then the first snow came. It wasn’t a lot here but everywhere else in Estonia… all white!! And I had my TOEFL test which I found out that went well enough! I am so happy about it!! 

Sixth, another weekend in Tallinn. And we had reunion with girls from San Diego summer. This is totally different meeting them here. But it was fun, remembering all those funny things and catching up. The next day spending a day with sister with shopping and on the last day hanging out with N and another friend. It was really good catching up with her. 

And the last thing before christmas! My BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! Craziest week ever. I had the faculty Christmas party on Thursday. It was really fun and it wasn’t a good idea to warm up at home! The next day I was still shaking because of Sparta they offered. And had the last day of school for this year!! Woop-woop! And then N came to see Tartu, and also to celebrate my bday. So I made a chocolate cake and we were drinking wine. My gf joined us so we started the tour to Tartu nightlife. In some point I discovered that it is my bday finally and then I just went crazy. I even got a call from Iran, sweet!! I have never celebrated my bday in the city and bars, so I was quite exited. We ended up in Möku and of course with Sparta shots. Met some more friends there and it was just so fun! And I had my first blonde moment being 21. My gf ordered me a bday song, I didn’t know that and asked her: do you know who else has bday today? Lol. I went to my countryside home with some friend and I was singing all the time. So I had an amazing sauna party for my bday. A lot of games, drinking, sauna and fun!! The best birthday so far!! And the pic is about my birthday minttu hotshot. 

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