A week in Estonia

My first week has been quite busy and slow at the same time. Have so much stuff to do and people to see and at the same time it feels like time should go faster. Maybe because I miss California. 
I know drinking is bad but I have to admit that almost every day I have drunk some. 
And now when I have been home the last day then I feel the lazy mode is coming. I should think something out. Can’t sit at home like this anymore. 
But yeah, I’ve been busy. School 6 hours a day at least and then going out with Stina basically. And we made some cool glowing in the dark jello shots. 
On Thursday we had a welcome back party in Gunpowder Cellar but we ended up going on Rüütli street which is like the main drinking street in Tartu. People are just standing there and drinking and talking to each other. Quite good place to meet new people. We actually ended up there the next day too. 
But yeah, it is finally getting to me that no more San Diego any more. Right I would totally go to beach and hang out with my friends. It gave me a lot of new energy when we called Sean and the next morning I got to skype with Chris.
And now I’m freezing here. At night it is quite cold outside and usually in the mornings I’m just freezing and don’t want to come out of bed because it is cold. I’ll get used to it soon, I hope. 
And I’m getting a new roommate. Actually two because he has a cat too. Always wanted a pet, but I am too lazy to take care or too busy. Now I get a pet who I don’t have to take care of 😉

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