Welcome to Estonia

Most of my last full day in California I spent with Chris. We went to Seaport Village. We found one really cool store there where we spent like almost two hours. I think it is my favourite shop now. After a long walk we went to my place to see Doctor Who and drink some beer. I think I’m gonna miss him the most. All the laughing and doing goofy noises.
After he went home Sean picked me and Stina up. He got few hours for us to show some really beautiful places before we go home. We went to Coronado to see the San Diego city view from there. We got some food from In-n-Out Burger and ate that back of the Hilton hotel. Then went to Paradise Point to see little sharks there. After that he took us to Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial to see the view from there. After that to La Jolla cove and then we just basically walked a bit more and sit down on the cliff to watch the waves which were still really big. Thank you Sean for that wonderful night!
I was too exited to sleep so I only slept like 4-5 hours. I went to LA with Maria and his boyfriend and his son. Little kid was so happy to see me. And he is like super cute!! Before getting me to the airport they took me to Amoeba which is like really big record store. And then it was my time to start flying to Estonia. 
All this flying is quite boring and tiring but at least got some sleep while flying. My sister came to meet me at the airport and she made me a surprise in her apartment. It was so sweet!! She even bought me Estonian candies and chocolate and my favourite kind of kohuke which is one estonian thing. I got few hours to sleep and then headed to Tartu to go to school.

Didn’t get any sleep on the bus. And my friend Kairit came to meet me at the bus station and she had keys to my home. I really missed her!! After dropping my things off we basically had full day of school after what we went to grill some meat with coursemates. After that went to club Illusion but ended up on Rüütli street cause the club was really overcrowded. And met some schoolmates from my high school which was a nice surprise. And tried Sparta from Möku. It’s a mixed shot of Strohh, Absinth and Tequila. You have to try if you ever go out in Tartu!

And on Friday I took a bus to my home town Rakvere. Thought that I will get some rest here but who needs that. At least I slept a bit more. Got so much to talk about with my parents and spend some time with my cute silly dog. He is getting old tough. And we got rasberries. They’re not so sweet anymore but good enough for me 🙂

Today I went to eat sushi with some friends and right now I’m not sure which sushi is better – sushi from Kyoto Sushi or from Sushi Tiger. And now I just came form the sauna. It was really nice..

I think it still haven’t got to me that I’m in Estonia. Or maybe I’ve just been too busy. Because until last night I only had 13 hours to sleep this week. I know I’m a robot 😉 
And I have to say that it feels good to be back in Estonia. See all the friends and family… And I’m not freezing so much.. yet!! Actually it is quite warm around here right now.

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